Taloncast Episode 19

November 21, 2013 in Clan, PlayStation, Taloncast

We are happy to announce the next Taloncast Episode 19 is uploaded below. This episode concentrates on GTA-5 and the TLN-Crew. All TLN-Crew members are encouraged to check it out and comment on the topics discussed. Please feel free to offer your any suggestions you may have about some of the things discussed.

Taloncast Episode 19


5 responses to Taloncast Episode 19

  1. Wasnt a bad one… Bad part was when you had to leave and someone would have to say anything to keep it busy….. Thats when my social anxiety would start to kick in

  2. Haha you did fine. Could be worse: Nothing said at all.

  3. Good taloncast guys,

    Xonori is right, we need the heists to get that community going. Kinda strange they haven’t rolled it out yet while so hyped, but rockstar will indeed not roll it out if not finished. So we will wait and see. Until then the events is what should sustain us.

    Leadership will become more important as we go further in PS4 and games as Planetside 2 where it will be a large scale battle. Oh and @RocketRob99 its not the voice only, also the accent helps.


    Crew photo and video capture is a good idea for GTA V.

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