TLN-Crew Challenge

December 1, 2013 in Clan, Featured, Games, PlayStation, Tech and Game News

Here it is the first Talon Strike Force GTA-V Crew Challenge. So, to the details of this: This is open to all TLN-Crew Representatives and above, meaning those flying the TLN tag and confirmed as an active member of our community.

The challenge is to secure the most “Liked” and/or commented Snapomatic Photo- The photo can be of anything or any place in the game, anything goes. This contest will run for the entire month of December, we will announce the winner at 12 Midnight Eastern Time on New Years Eve!! The winner will receive the code for a $20 PSN card. In the event of a tie for the most “Liked” photo we will use the photo with the most amount of independent comments left on the photo, meaning the person who submitted the photos comments do not count. In order for a Snapomatic Photo to qualify for the contest it MUST be tagged #TalonStrikeForce.  Feel free to promote your photo via any means necessary but no spamming of our website, any where else go for it !!

Go forth explore, show your skills and talents and represent the TLN-Crew !!

This event sponsored by: RocketRob99

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4 responses to TLN-Crew Challenge

  1. Twitter brought me here to win I see… Good luck everyone!

  2. SO … anyone have any good ideas for photos? Boobs, stunts, or psychopath hmm?

  3. Guys, get the word out on this..

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