Sparx’s Next Gen Review

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In this review we’ll be taking a look at the two main next gen consoles (this gen is the largest we’ve seen in a while with Xbox, Playstation, WiiU, Ouya, GameStick and the Steam Box all being involved but we’ll be concentrating on the Xbox and Playstation offerings.

I own both consoles and after spending a considerable amount of time on each platform and their launch exclusives I think I can be unbiased between the consoles and offer a good review based on consumer experience.

word of warning, there will be plus points and minus points for each console, nothing is off limits, if you find anything in here to be disagreeable, please post it in the comments, but keep it respectable, any straight up flaming can and will be deleted.

Now that’s out of the way we can get into the reviews


Console size and shape




The Good

Its very small, smaller than the PS3 super slim which I also own. It looks very good and the design works well for a desk as the fans are on the back, meaning a monitor can happily sit on top without damaging the console.

Its also a very good looking console, the matte finish with the gloss removable cover makes for a very nice looking piece of kit.

Onto that removable cover, if you take that off you have access to the hard drive after unscrewing one screw, making it very easy to change out your hard drive.


The Bad

The angle of the consoles front and back, I feel extends the size unnecessarily, it could have been made a rectangle and lost around 2 inches from the size of the console. Which would have made the consoles size more apparent. However that is a minor fault with how it looks.


The Xbox One


The Good

Follows the same stylings as the ps4, a gloss finish matched with a matte finish again makes a very good looking console.

The bad

Its really big, slightly larger than the xbox 360 redesign. And without a removable hard drive it makes the storage that little more precious.

The console is also incredibly heavy, weighing in at about 5Kg making it a pretty decent weight and also pretty uncomfortable to carry from a shop to your house (something I did wasn’t a fun time)

Winner purely on the hard drive situation – PS4


Launch Exclusive RETAIL Games


KillZone Shadow fall


For launch exclusives, pretty typical line up from Sony, an FPS and a Platform game both phenomenal games, very fun, both highly recommended.

Xbox One

Dead Rising 3

Ryse: Son Of Rome

A different feel on the game front, 2 action games, one open world, one mission based. Again both incredible games a very different feel for the console than the usual shooter launch.





Very few services available at launch, the basics are available (from an EU standpoint) Netflix, LoveFilm. But very little else in the way of movie/TV. The propriety services, music and video unlimited.

Music unlimited is a service that allows you to stream music while playing your games, however the premise is better than the service, most games the soundtrack is very important to the feel of the game, the only games this service could be good for is racing games.


Xbox one

A large number for a launch, again EU specific, Netflix, Love Film, Demand 5, 4OD. With Sky and other services being made available later in the year. Making the service list within the first year of release the same as the current Xbox 360 list. Which is very impressive.

Winner – Xbox One


The Dualshock 4


The first major redesign since the DS1 back in the PS1 days, and its very welcome. The controller is slightly larger than its ps3 counterpart, and the addition of the touchpad is a clever idea for future use. The larger size and the redesigned handles make the controller feel more ergonomic. And it’s a pleasure to use for long periods of time.

The only major flaw is the battery life, 5 hours which is a long time, but it does mean for  very long sessions it could be useful to have a spare around to switch to,

The Xbox one controller


Largely the same as the xbox 360 controller but with the welcome loss of the battery pack, the controller does still run on batteries, so a play and charge kit is still very much a necessity. As the xbox 360 controller fits very nicely in the hands and everything feels easy to use and easy to play.

The controller adds in rumble on the triggers, which sounds like an irrelevant feature but it is very cool and very useful in game, it adds direction to incoming hits that you may not be able to see on screen. Also very useful in racers, push the throttle and you feel the throttle open. Which is a very cool experience.




User interface



The XMB is still here but its hidden behind the live screen, which looks a lot like the xbox’s metro screen, its much easier to navigate, much nicer to look at.

The store is largely the same. Not much to talk about in that one.


Xbox one.


Exactly the same as the 360 home screen, same easy to navigate interface. Not much to say.






Not included in the console, purchased separately. Can be used to sign in, voice commands, and show your face while streaming, not essential, but can be nice to have.

Kinect 2.0

Used for exactly the same as the PS EYE however with the addition of being used in clever ways through games for example in Ryse you can control your troops. In Dead Rising, you can talk to the special event bosses, certain phrases calm them down so you can hit them or enrage them to make them harder to beat.

Winner – xbox one


So in this review the Xbox comes out slightly ahead but mainly on things that Microsoft pushed from the announcement which is television and services. The addition of the Kinect makes the deal a little sweeter. However using the console without the Kinect doesn’t make the console any less comfortable to use.

On the games front both have fantastic launch exclusives. And with the list of games ever growing, the consoles are both going to become fantastic pieces of equipment with many years of entertainment, if you’re a tech and gadget fanatic, you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking both consoles are a lot of fun. But if you’re not too fussed about services and just about the games, PS4 is the console to play on.

If you’re on the fence about the two consoles. Use this piece of advice, buy the one your friends play on. If you only game with your TLN Family then the PS4 is going to have a lot of good times, if you’re like me and you game with your TLN Family and you’re IRL friends who play on the xbox, both consoles will get a lot of use.

Personally me and my fiancé own both consoles. We have 2 ps4’s as we both like the console and the games available, and we have 1 xbox one, which we share, which shows the console we prefer to play on the most. However, I can definitely see in the future we may both own Xbox Ones as well. Purely for ease of playability and the ability for me to stick at my desk instead of us swapping areas to game when I want to play on the xbox.


With so little between these consoles, we have an almost a dead tie, which is exactly what we want in consoles. very little difference in consoles allows for companies to make better games.

14 responses to Sparx’s Next Gen Review

  1. GREAT REVIEW! WOW… Well the end result isnt that great but meh, lots of information. After I get the PS4 I could buy an xbox just for its “only xbox” games…

  2. I would say that isn’t the PS4 cheaper, than the Xbox 1 because you have to purchase the camera for the PS4 separately – would that make it a draw lol.

    I also feel that most people would purchase the next generation of console, that they played on previously.

    • But compared to the Xbox 1, how many people do actually use the camera? Plus it doesn’t have face recognition so yeah…

      • the camera does have face recognition, its how i sign into my ps4. same with Kinect.
        in terms of how the camera can be used the PS4 actually has a fair amount of uses passed voice/face recognition and streaming, it can be used like the PS eye for PS3 with the controller to create a Pseudo Move scenario, whereas Kinect’s gesture recognition is still very touch ad go with how responsive and accurate it can be, this may well be with how the consoles are set up. they’re aren’t in the consoles specified ‘optimal range’ meaning that functionality will be sporadic, but the uses i like and use regularly are perfectly fine with the current configuration.

        • But who the feck uses it??? I personally never used any sort of chat on ps3 that involves a camera… The group chat in which I type. Its pointless to have a camera on the ps4

          • I use it a lot, it makes the initial start up a lot smoother than turning everything on the picking profile, especially mid game, if the other half wants to join, he walks into view, holds up her controller, it signs her in.
            I also use it for streaming, which is a nice touch, and all the move features that would otherwise require another peripheral can be done with the ps4 controller now.
            Nice piece of kit, but not essential. Much like the Kinect, nice to have, dont need it to have fun with the console.

    • I have to agree with PGL here. There is not much a need for the camera unless you have specific wants. The vast majority of people it would be a gadget they would hardly use.. I gave kudos to sony for not making me pay for some useless peripheral that is not needed for most games.

    • the other thing to think about in that one, is the game developers, yes the PS eye isn’t required to run the PS4, but neither is kinect to run a Xbone.
      however, if a developer, for example, Ubisoft, wanted to make a new ghost recon, and add in the Kinect features again, they’d know that EVERYONE on the Xbone has the opportunity to try that out, whereas only 30-40% of PS4 consumers would be able to try out this feature, which then brings the lack of diversity in Kinect games and PSeye games on last gen. they were all very samey, the only exception is wonder book, but even after a while that became repetitive.

      more people with the device generally means more developers wanting to develop for it. more devs working on the technology, much better games, imagine what Naughty dog could do with Kinect and/or PS eye, that would be an amazing game to play. even so far as Bungie, Halo is a genre defining game, much like Call Of Duty (as much as we’d prefer to not admit that) so those debs who can make games that define console generations and genres of games those developers would create things that would not only redefine the hardware, but also create interesting ways in which they can be used.

  3. Great review Sparx, some valid points.. I don’t necessarily agree with the reason the Notbox1 won, but it was your review.. Well said Sir..

    • it is a personal deal winner. i still prefer the PS4 to play on, but dead rising and ryse are also phenomenal games, very different to what normally comes with a console launch, Ryse does have a ‘tech demo’ feel to parts, but the same could be said for Killzone. whereas Dead Rising and Knack fill in the mindless violence and prettyish graphics compared to the other one.

      but i like to watch TV in my room, and the cost to have my own digital receiver and subscription is more than i’m willing to pay at this point, so when Microsoft said by october 2014 all the Tv and streaming services from Xbox 360 will be available on Xbox one, i listened to that, not because i was particularly interested in the console. it was to see what sony said against that, and they’ve not said anything about the streaming services past PS Now, which is a shame. from an EU standpoint, the Xbox’s television streaming services have always been head and shoulders above playstation. and it looks like this generation is going to be no different. which is a shame.

      Playstation had a chance to really nail everything, and with good reason they stuck with being the game console. and they do that miles better this time than the Xbone, which has some serious issues when it comes to new games, (ps4 install time for AC4 2-3 mins, Xbox Ryse install 30-40 mins) so in terms of games, PS4 every time so far, but in terms of sheer amount of content and things to do on the console, granted it is still 2 months after launch so nobody is expecting mountains of entertainment, the xbox has that one nailed. especially as it has the contacts from the 360 experience to call upon to pull out new services and put their existing services on the console

      • that is the key point though… in my opinion
        PS4’s primary purpose is being a gaming console
        Xbox one’s primary purpose is being an entertainment console. I would almost call it a “tuner” for your tv.

        like you said though, determining which console is better comes down to what you are looking for.

  4. great review DJ, but i agree with ratchet that the Xbox is more an entertainment console, the ps4 is strictly for gaming. Altough i think that the ps4 will become more versatile as time passes.

  5. I just wanted to add that the Xbox One allows you to connect an external HDD for more storage, and the PS4 as of now from what I’ve read does not have that ability right now but may in the future, but as you mentioned on the PS4 you can change out the internal HDD which is plus if you know what your doing.

    • I didn’t know that. That’s something that never came up when I was looking around the storage options. That’s good to know

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