So the NDA has been lifted!

February 22, 2014 in Clan, Other, PC, PlayStation, Reviews, Xbox

So as a lot of you know I have been following the latest Elder Scrolls Game for a long time, especially as a massive fan of the series. So when Bethesda and Zenimax announced the Elder Scrolls Online, something that a lot of fans have been aching for since well Arena, I was all over that. News on the game almost ground to a halt as soon as they announced the beta. So I applied, with no thought that I would ever get in. They were very strict in the Alpha stage of the Beta, even conducting phone interviews to get the right people, I was a part of this process, and sadly I didn’t get invited to the Alpha test. so I waited patiently for my beta code.

I have played the Beta for as long as my life will allow me to play it during the open times, which is a set weekend throughout the development time, the most recent being 2 weeks ago from the date of this post. so we’ll talk about that one, as its close to release, there will inevitably be more closer to release, but the beta they released this time is at the moment the most recent code.

as you’d expect from a Beta, the game was nowhere near complete, and in true Bethesda form, uncomplete game means Awesome game that needs a little polish. it was easily runnable on a macbook pro. granted at low/medium settings, but those low/medium settings looked like Skyrim on the PS3, so by no means a bad looking game, in fact i went ahead and accepted the possibility of a broken laptop and my fiancé’s wrath by pumping into the highest settings possible, and all I have to say is WOW. the game looks fantastic in the highest settings.

Gameplay wise it is exactly what you’d expect, it is elder scrolls. there are no classes, there are races, you forge your own path. myself and Minx (the fiancé) played for around 10-15 hours each, got to the same level and rough area then assessed our differences in the game, as you’re allowed to do whatever you wish to create your character it was very easy for us to create our own personal character in the game, I opted for the Dumner as always, while Minx went for the High Elf, not much difference in racial traits at the moment, something which is being added later. But the difference in our characters by the end of our sessions was remarkable, we did the same quests at the beginning, had the same choices, i had created a Fire Mage, and Minx had created a gladiator style character, and our playstyles regarding these choices were large, and the quests we were being offered were vastly different.

Not to say there aren’t downsides to an online Elder Scrolls game. There are, one of the major annoyances is oddly enough, other players, they’ll get in your way, you’ll get confused as to who is an NPC and who’s a player, and while you get used to it, if you’re like me and you have played every other game in the series, you’ll find yourself wondering why they tried this, and there is an answer to this, the Alliance War.

The war is the main underlying story arc, there’s the quest lines, which have a main story to follow and endless side missions if you choose to go down that route, as I did, the guilds are all there, bar the dark brotherhood at this point (another one they’re saving for later) and each has their own questlines, you are capable of creating a character that can do anything, but that will take a long time to accomplish. but the war is your main focus. its where the PVP is, and unlike other MMO’s that have a place for the good guys and a place for the bad guys, each of the three Alliances is fighting for control of the entire map, and whoever controls that area dictates whether you’re treated nicely, or with hostility. i didn’t dive into the PVP that much, as there wasn’t much time left at the point of me getting to that section.

as soon as there is another Beta event i will try my best to record some gameplay, take some screens etc. if you have any questions please post them in the comments.

until then

Stay strong Talons

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  1. Nice job Sparx… Looking forward to your next posting about it..

    • after the next beta test there’s going to be a post about what are going to be the 3 biggest MMO’s at the moment, WoW, ESO and Final Fantasy 14, by the time that comes out i’ll have played them all for a considerable amount of time each. so that one might take me a while to do. and with them all being playable by even low end PC’s and Mac’s and 2 of them on consoles, it’ll be a good comparision between them, especially with WoW being the first thing people think of with MMOs

  2. Darn I was hoping to get that email with the code… But guess I aint special enough :))) lmao But from what the reviews how been saying ECO will be amazing, especially as an Imperial

    • i signed up with no thought that i would be picked. checked my emails and there was a code waiting for me, the most interesting alpha invite i had though was for Final Fantasy 14 in its first phase for the ps3. i didn’t sign up for a code, I showed no interest, but they sent me a code as an early access alpha tester for it, and the reasons were that I had played final fantasy 11 for that long on the PS2 they regarded me as a good candidate to play that beta and see if there were any issues for long time final fantasy fans. i think i played that alpha and beta for about a week straight. and i’ve only just got into it again. and its still a fantastic experience.

  3. Is the game fun Sparx? Usually people cover that in their review lol. Oh btw congratulations on the whole marriage thing, have you got a date set?

    • i’m biased in that respect, i love the elder scrolls games, but the other half who hasn’t played any since oblivion which in her words was ‘boring and took too long to get into’ said that it was a lot of fun. For me it was more of the same, but its a winning formula, so I loved it. I’m looking forward to the next beta weekend, they’re opening more of the world and increasing the cap to 30 so more people can hit PvP and see more of the world.

      and thank you and not yet, we’re both finishing our courses then working that one out 🙂

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