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Whats going on Talons, it’s nearly that time of year again where the rumour mill for E3 starts turning. Here is a round up of all the rumours i’ve heard on my travels through the internet.

First up Sony

Sony have always been clear that they’re staple for the PS4 would be planet side 2, even before the system launched they were consistently talking about the fact that eventually PS2 could come to a console, This was heard as early as january 2013, around the same time that the PS4 rumours really started hitting, and hitting hard. With SOE closing down Zipper and as such destroying MAG, and Dust taking a slow painful demise, PS2 is the next thing Sony wants to push, and they’re going to push it very hard. From my sources they may well be releasing PS2 across the PS4 territories at E3, no release date, after the keynote, it will be available.

The other big thing is Project Morpheus, for those of you who don’t know what that is, its Sony’s answer to the Oculus rift (incidentally Oculus has just been purchased by Facebook http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-26742625) in that it’s a fully immersive 3D Virtual Reality headset, it looks pretty cool, keeping in line with Sony’s current line up of Head Mounted Displays

project morpheus

The only oddity about this piece of gear is the lights around the corners of the device, potentially to fully utilise the device you’ll have to own and be in range of a PS4 Camera, could be a deal breaker, we’ll find out soon though.

The final piece of Sony info comes in the form of the PS Vita, in Japan Sony recently launched not only the PS4, but also the Vita Tv device, this device no larger than an iPhone 5 is a piece of gear that allows you to stream PS vita games to the big screen, and it has gone down phenomenally in Japan, outselling the PS4, which at its price point of $99 is obvious, but with Japan being Sony’s primary market, you’d expect sales to be around even. The device comes with its own White Dual shock 3 controller, which is a step down from the Dual Shock 4 we would expect from Sony at this point. but for $99 and the Dual Shock 3 controller still retails at $40 its not a bad deal.

Vita TV


Next on the list is Microsoft.

The big thing for  Microsoft this holiday past has been the slightly poorer than forecasted Xbox one sales, further shown by the very quick price reduction it recently encountered upon the release of Titanfall. However, we should not hold this against Microsoft… YET. There have been rumours (also apparent in PS4 rumours) that Microsoft are looking at creating an Xbox one without a blu ray disc drive. Why? money, as it stands today, Sony own Blu Ray as a platform, meaning to create their Xbox Ones, Microsoft has to pay Sony for the use of its proprietary format. take the disc drive out, no more payouts to Sony, or a reduced cost, it also eliminates the need for a lot of the space in the system, (if you have seen an Xbox One in the flesh, it could do with shaving a few lbs) so we could see a smaller system. In the same vein, the Kinectless Xbox has been making its rounds again, allowing for further speculation that this is actually going to happen. Only time will tell if they are going to severely upset their slowly dwindling user base further this year.

Our final entry into the console manufacturer is Nintendo

Nintendo are a company that aren’t doing that well right now. Their home console is labelled trash, they’re last console was used exclusively as a doorstop, they are losing money faster than they can make it, and the only thing they’ve got going for them is a handheld that 90% of its users either play Monster Hunter, Animal Crossing or Pokemon.

However change may well be on the horizon, Nintendo are set to announce yet another console, however, this is far from the Wii or the WiiU and will definitely not be called the WIIE, but it is likely to be called the Nintendo Fusion, allow me to explain.

This system will come in two parts, which can be purchased together, or individually. 1 part, the home console, is exactly what you’d expect, a home console, and in true nintendo style, the WiiU gamepad will be used to play its games, However that is the only thing that connects it to the WiiU. its the second part that is the most interesting.

With the WiiU Nintendo tried to move players away from the large TV and gave them a smaller screen to play on so they can move around and not annoy their families if they’re playing games (apparently Nintendo forgot that we’re not in the 90’s anymore and people have multiple TVs in their house! But i digress) which was an excellent concept. The major concern was that most of these players already had a handheld system, whether that be a Nintendo Ds or 3DS, with the Fusion, this is where the second part of this system comes in. This second part, is a new 3DS, which has better 3D capabilities, better graphics, and generally a better way to play the games that are coming. Both systems will run on the same games, potentially meaning Nintendo are going back to the Cartridge days of old. sony did this very well with the Vita, Hd graphics can be placed on a Memory card.

However this is as far as we can get with this system. So far there has been no talk on graphics, will we see another Ds which promised ‘Gamecube Graphics’ and delivered N64, or 3DS which promised HD and delivered Gamecube. its highly unlikely that Nintendo, no matter how good their tech department, could manage to create what will have to essentially be a top end PC at the moment, and render that down into a device that can fit in your pocket. We will have to wait and see with this one. But if this is a real rumour, and Nintendo fails with this one, I’m sorry to say, it may well be the end of the company, which will be a shame.

Away from the big three now and into the game developer circuit, we have all the big hitters, EA, Ubisoft, Bungie, Naughty Dog, Activision etc. so lets kick this off

We’ll begin with EA, Recently, they have announced that they want to ’emulate the success of the Arkham games with the Battlefront Series’ could we see something very different from the series, we know that EA have given the series to DICE, but we also know what DICE have been doing of late with BF4. so should we hold out much hope for this game? potentially! Disney (who now own the Star Wars name) are a company that will straight out refuse to release a bad game (lets all forget epic mickey and remember Kingdom Hearts!) so this game will be released when disney deem it ‘complete’ which can take some time. they’re more thorough than either Sony or Microsoft with their testing. However, DICE are obviously known for the BF series, so could we be seeing possibly Battlefield 5 being renamed into Battlefront 3?

It was recently Leaked that Mirrors Edge, the First Person free running game, has an ‘expansive open world multiplayer’ functionality, this is apparently the entire city that Mirrors Edge will encompass, however this is a step away from the Fan favourite leaderboard and time trail system of the original, we will definitely be seeing some more of this game come June.

Next in the hot seat is Ubisoft

Ubisoft are without a doubt going to give a lot more details regarding Assassins Creed Unity, the Next Gen only Assassins Creed title, which is set in revolutionary France. more details are unknown at this point, with only a very short teaser trailer being revealed at this point.

An interesting thing to note is the codenamed title of the game ‘Unity’ much like the PS4 was codenamed Orbis, (which when paired with the Vita, created Orbis Vita [Circle of Life in Latin]) could create the illusion that the two versions of this title (there will be a Current Gen version, however it will be a completely different title) will form one story. or the Next Gen version will have the current and more in there. It could be simply the title of the game, as it is set in Revolutionary France, so Unity is a big theme.

More details are sure to follow and we may get a better look at the past and a smaller look at the future at Abstergo Entertainment.

Now onto developers who don’t have a lot to say right now, but we can be pretty sure what they are going to say, because they’re very predictable.

Bethesda are almost certainly going to focus on Elder Scrolls Online, potentially outlining their expansion plans. There is speculation that Fallout 4 may be in development, and that does line up as Bethesda soft works are purely publishing ESO not developing it, with Zenimax taking the lead with that one.

Bungie, the Creators of Halo and the forthcoming Persistent world shooter Destiny, are extremely likely to announce the release date for their beta, it has to come very soon with the game being released in September, and the idea of getting into that world is becoming very important to a lot of gamers (a fair number of the clan are very interested in this game as well) with some rumour being that the beta may well be released at E3 for pre-orders with an open beta following shortly thereafter.

Naughty Dog, developers of Uncharted and The Last Of Us are potentially going to be hitting more Home Runs with more information on Uncharted 4, announcing The Last Of Us 2, which is speculated to be a PS3 exclusive, and more information on The Last Of Us The Movie.

Respawn Entertainment, the developers of the recent Smash hit Titanfall, may well announce Titanfall 2, The idea of Titanfall becoming a yearly cycle game is very prominent, especially with their DLC cycle ending in the Fall, there is also rumour that Titanfall 2 will be Multiplatform. and Respawn used the Xbox Azure system (cloud based gaming) as a proof of concept rather than an actual game mechanic.

Drive Club, there are one of two announcements that will happen concerning this game, it will either be released at E3 after nearly 8 months of delays, or it will be Cancelled. There is logic in place with the cancelled rumour. their latex delay wasn’t a delay as such, it was a press release saying ‘we made this game, we didn’t like it, we deleted that and started again’. This is something that Sony will not like. especially as they want over 100 games out by Holiday 2014.

The final developer we have to talk about is Sledgehammer games, who were recently announced that they would be joining Infinity Ward and Treyarch in the Call Of Duty development cycle. They released a statement signalling that ‘this Call Of Duty will be the most ambitious, and creative yet!’ however this is said every single year with a call of duty game, so take it with a pinch of salt.

So that ends this post on the E3 rumours for 2014. Are you excited for any of the announcements rumoured, Will Nintendo finally catch a break? Will we ever get our hands on Drive Club? let me know in the comments, and if I missed anything, let me know and i’ll get it in here!

As always

Stay Strong Talons

Sparx Out!


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  2. Sparx, amazing work, sir !! RocketRob99 stands and snaps a salute to DJSparx and with a might voice yells “HOOORRRAAAHH”… Tons and tons of info in here… Wholly shit.. So much to comment on I don’t know where to start.. 🙂

  3. Wow sparxx you outdo yourself every frikkin time. It is a lot to comment on, but what i like the most right now is the VR glasses and i didn’t know that they were working on a new Assassins creed, pretty cool.

    • They’re working on two, one for Next Gen and one for Current Gen, the Next Gen is Unity, and the Current Gen one i’ve just found out is called Comet, and may be set in New York.

  4. In other notes, I cant wait for E3, and THx SPARX!

  5. i may go with friends to tokio game show. i bring my camera

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