GTA-5- Crew Promotion Announcement

March 16, 2014 in Clan

We’re proud to announce that Badger2011 has been promoted to Commissioner status in Grand Theft Auto-V. In the months since GTA-V release, Badger has worked very hard in organizing and helping TLN grow in GTA-5. A few months back we had rewarded Badger’s efforts by promoting him to Crew Lieutenant to allow him more access to organize and support the TLN-Crew.

What he found out as he looked more closely at our Crew Members was that many were not upholding the core-principles of Talon Strike Force. What are those core-principles you ask, well if you don’t know that kind of scares me. It is everywhere in the TLN world.. Teamwork, fairness, tactics and fun!! These are the core-principles of TLN which go along with our mantra, motto, doctrine or whatever else you want to call it, We FIGHT as MANY, we WIN as ONE !! The most important word in that phrase is ONE !!! We do it TOGETHER, as one group, with one set of principles in mind.. That is it, it is that simple.. Now with that being said, let’s talk about one of the other parts of our core-principles FUN!! Yes, it is fun to be a dick once in a while in GTA-5, we clearly admit that and have said it many times. And frankly, we could give a shit if that is the way you play and it’s fine to be that way.. As long as you understand that if you want to be a part of TLN, you will NOT be a DICK to our members. Our community works totally on the support of our members. And is based on the freedom of not being bothered by all the other online bullshit that goes on. If you want to play this way, it is simple just do it to other people on an open server and no one in TLN will care.

So, we are clear on this everyone. Badger2011 is the the main voice of (TLN) Talon Strike Force. He will report to the Lieutenants and the CO officers of his progress in weeding out those who can’t follow these simple guidelines. We want to expand TLN in GTA as new parts open up and it is important that our Crew be a group of decent guys who want to enjoy the game and have fun.

if any issues arise at all or if you have suggestions on things the community can do to support our members in GTA, please feel free to post them here or in the chat lounge and let us know. If you have ideas for special events or crazy clan group nights, just say so, we would be happy to support and promote any members suggestions. If you want to speak in private, with any Commissioner or Lieutenant all can be reached here on our website and their names are easy to locate.

Please take a moment and congratulate Badger2011 on his promotion !!



Clan Leader

(TLN) Talon Strike Force.

-9 TLN Logo, Blue.

12 responses to GTA-5- Crew Promotion Announcement

  1. Great job, Badger!! Keep up the good work, Mr. Commissioner.

  2. Thanks CFD I will.

  3. Badger, remember weed out the penises! Make us proud lol.

    • The hunt still continues we have not found anyone so far. However, the crew activity has pretty much been dead ever since bf4 and cod ghosts came out. So I haven’t seen much issues that people have been causing. I am searching around the clock to find out whether the new TLN recruits are people who are douchebags or actually follow our principles. Someone must have recruited the douchebags into our crew. Pretty much starts with one and then starts spreading like a disease. One way or another the disease will be cured.

    • I am still hunting for the douchebags that are in our crew to kick them out when they should have been. People have not even been giving us the names of the douchebags causing the problems in our crew. Some people have but not enough names. Someone most likely in our crew probably recruits the douchebags into our crew but it won’t tell us who. In gta it all started with one douchebag being recruited and then the next thing you know they just spread like a disease into our crew. One way or another this disease will be cured.

  4. Congrats badger, keep up the good work buddy 🙂

  5. congrats badger, well done!!!

  6. Nice work kind sir

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