Recording Taloncast 21 Today

March 31, 2014 in Clan

We will be hosting Taloncast 21 on Monday 3-31-14 at 1 pm Eastern time.. The podcast will be recorded on our TS server.. This is an open session and all TLN members are welcome to join in or stop by and listen..

There are tons of topics we are going to talk about.. Status of BF on both PS3 & PS4 and the future of TLN in that game. We will talk about our other game catalogs and have some new announcements on upcoming events and news..

If you have any questions about TLN, any of the games we’re in or ones we’re looking at post your questions here. All questions will be answered and the poster will get recognition for their efforts…

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  1. im assuming thats gonna be recorded on ps3???

  2. i just might make that tonight, if i do i will pay you guys a visit.

  3. I have some issues I have to get taken care of today, so I won’t be around, but here’s my question: What are we going to do about us guys on the PS3? That still play BF3? And other games? I was told, before I left, that no game will be forgotten, and it appears that that is not true.

  4. I should be around tonight.

  5. Aha! You shall not silence me be recording on the only day I work this week! Your nefarious scheme hath failed! For I shall posteth my thoughts anyways! 🙂

    Regarding activity issues; I stand by my ground that this whole situation stemmed from GTA V. The day it released marked the day that 3/4 of the TLN on my friends list vanished from Battlefield for weeks. Instead of coming back after realizing that the Online portion of GTA wouldn’t arrive for another month, everyone seemed to be content just playing single-player until the online portion released. This signified many members dropping Battlefield altogether in favor of GTA V, and few remaining active in any other TLN game, even fewer stayed true to Talon in regards of promoting us within GTA. This was the first big hit in member counts, as those occasionally active members that made up a large portion of TLN didn’t return to Battlefield (our core game) after growing tired of GTA.

    The second big hit came in the disaster known as the launch of BF4. I personally enjoyed the game from launch with few game breaking issues, but many members suffered from crippling lag and a ridiculous amount of hard crashes and freezes. Even after these are completely removed (they still aren’t?!), it’s hard to gain enthusiasm for the game after such an awful initial experience. I find that BF4 is still really enjoyable, and became even more fun as TLN’s numbers on the PS4 grew. Do I agree with how the series has been handled? YOU BET I DON’T! Unfortunately BF4 is really the only thing that offers that large-scale military shooter experience on console, otherwise I would absolutely support another developer who made something similar that actually worked 95% of the time. Case in-point: I can no longer play BF4 online after the latest patch due to crippling lag and rubberbanding.

    The third and final hit is obviously the release of the PS4. I’ve been seeing more and more TLN crop up on the PS4 that I haven’t seen for months. This is really exciting as we form more consistent groups of 5+ TLN in BF4; the game just opens up so much more with proper communication between an entire squad. People moving to the PS4 isn’t a bad thing by any means, and I don’t believe we have the right to say that TLN should avoid going to the PS4 for any reason. While the transitional period is rough, expanding further and further into the next-gen systems can and will be a viable future for the clan, and members unplugging/trading in their PS3s is only a natural step in this direction. We can make as many site based events and group-ups for the PS3 as we want, but as long as people are slowly moving over to PS4 the numbers for these will dwindle.

    As more TLN make the switch, it leaves apparent holes in friends lists and will eventually make our numbers dwindle in older games. How do we combat this? Recruitment. The same way we combat a lack of activity in any other situation. When we were thriving with active members on the PS3 (around the time that Close-Quarters came out if I remember correctly.) it was due to the “snowball effect” of recruitment. Simply put, as we added new members, they would recruit, then those members would recruit members, etc. The way this system worked allowed those who could really bring people in to support the clans numbers rather easily, and those who are quieter and not as aggressive in terms of recruiting to take a slower pace. The problem is that we are now operating on the exact opposite of that system: we are “losing” members on the PS3 to the PS4 or disinterest much quicker than we or obtaining new members. My main point here is that those who are still supporting TLN on the PS3 can’t expect new members to just appear, they have to begin aggressive recruiting in order to establish a member base again. We could even hold some events where everyone on PS4 would switch to PS3 for a week (if they still have it) with a main goal of putting in as many hours as possible and recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. If neither of these happen, I see our PS3 member counts fizzling out to an almost nonexistent level.

    Although I’ve been taking my original approach of not getting extremely (har har) hyped about a game until a month before release, it’s hard to not be excited for TLN in Planetside 2. Not only will we be able to defeat the original constraints of player counts in BF3 with potentially massive groups of TLN, the game IS ALREADY GOOD. We don’t have to worry about awful bugs and glitches, or questionable balancing between factions because those issues have been heavily focused on by SOE over the 2 years that Planetside 2 has been released. I hear almost exclusively good things about Planetside 2, and the only bad things I’ve seen revolve around the game not being very well tailored for “lone wolf” players, which shouldn’t be a problem for us 🙂

    I have been doing some research regarding Planetsides faction/weapon balance. The general consensus seems to be that New Conglomerate has the best starter guns by far, and some of the more versatile vehicles. I also think that philosophy of “we fight as one and don’t care what you think” matches TLN much better than Terran Republics political control motives and Vanus general creepiness. My vote is for NC at this point.

    As far as weapons and vehicles go, I’m currently in the process of finding hard statistics for as many of them as I can. I will be doing some rough calculations to determine the way these weapons/vehicles will handle based upon their numbers (this will be replacing my work in the BF4 oriented “Extrem’s Humble Opinions” thread for now.) hopefully I’ll be able to give some insight on exactly how the weapon and vehicle balance, which is completely foreign to most of us, will play out in Planetside 2.

    As a side note, we need to be careful about completely deciding on which faction we’ll join as single players before TLN has decided as a whole on who we are going with. While we can always make different characters later down the line, faction loyalty plays a LARGE PART in this game, and directly effects the banter between players. This has proven itself in MAG because: you guys were all a bunch of Raven noobs and SVER wiped the floor with you at every chance we had 🙂

    Actual questions for the cast:

    @RocketRob99 Please ask everyone that attends (including you) which faction they’re currently leaning towards for Planetside 2 and WHY? I like NC because of their philosophy and starter weapons.

    Have we ever considered adding something like a post count for users on the site? Maybe not a direct post counter to avoid intimidating new posters, but possibly a “like” counter or something along those lines? I think adding some kind of visible statistic might increase someone’s willingness to post ever-so-slightly.

    Chalk down another essay length post for me 🙂

  6. Yeah I kinda thought its now…

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