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April 15, 2014 in Clan

I wanted to take a moment to give you some input on the state of our community right now. It seems to me there are some who may feel a bit disenfranchised by TLN on PS4. Those who don’t have PS4 yet and those who have PS4 but miss their PS3 friends. Unfortunately there is not much we all can do about this as our community transitions platforms. We have all seen the difficulties in the transitions between games MAG to BF3 and BF3 to BF4. It is difficult to keep everyone together and enjoying their game time as one community under these circumstances.

Frankly, I am unsure what the answer is here. We’ve seen far to many members go inactive recently. Some of this is the platform issue but for others it’s the game and still others it is IRL stuff. There is one thing we can do to keep this all together. That is to remain active here on our website. See, the TLN community is more than just Battlefield, GTA-V or Dust. Many of our members play other games too. Whether it is on PS3, PS4 or PC we can all still game together and enjoy our community as a whole.

However, support for the community needs to grow if we’re to remain successful. We encourage all our members to be a part of the community. Share your ideas, suggestions, Β favorite games, tips, tricks or whatever for any game, gadget or anything else you think is cool that others would be interested in. The connections made here on our website can and will go far beyond just Battlefield. But, you need to go beyond just playing the game, to truly enjoy TLN and it’s membership, you need to be part of the membership. TLN is just like any other club, you get out of it, exactly what you put into it.. If you don’t participate there is no point in being in a club/community. Some will say Rocket, “I really don’t have much to say”,. my response “Bullshit”.. Opinions are like assholes-everyone’s got one. But, if you don’t share it, it is not an opinion it is just a thought and just as easily dismissed. Everyone has a story of a beast round they had, or this weapon loadout that is truly bad-ass or a tip to share that benefits everyone.. These are all things that believe it or not your friends and clanmates want to know.

I’ve continued to look for new ways to bring you guys into the community. To enjoy the benefit of having people to game with free of all the other online BS that goes on. No screaming 8 year olds in TLN, that’s for sure.. And there is nothing like playing a game with a group of guys who really want to play the right way and win !!

So, here is a request from the “Boss” please particpate, please give us your feedback on our events, polls, contests and so on. If you like it and support it be will host more and more events to get the TLN members together.. If you have any ideas on how to bring the PS3&4 guys closer, please don’t just sit there, tell us..

Thanks for reading


Clan Leader

(TLN) Talon Strike Force

P.s. Private message not to be shared on FB.. Thanks..

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  1. I say, OFFICERS VS MEMBERS ON OUR FIRST BF4 SERVER! Of course that is for PS3 πŸ™‚ I’d say that would be interesting if we could get a good amount of players on a few rush maps πŸ™‚

  2. We could try and play some different games together. For example I’m playing Borderlands 2 – it would be cool to have some people to play on it again.

    Also this extends to people you have on friends list, you are TLN but inactive on BF or GTA or whatever. If you see them playing a game online you have, try and join them.

    • Well correct me if I am wrong but isn’t this now available as free game to plus members?? I think that is great idea and there are more than a few who have this game.. Post days and times and we can make it an event..

    • Best played with players that are close in relationship to the internet. I have a friend behind a satellite and it is difficult, although their son was 500 miles away in Idaho over the net and that session was like being in the same room. Except for not having a mic at the time.

      • Ha! Me and Post tried to group up, which resulted in him being unable to see ANYTHING besides the prerendered world. He couldn’t see enemies, ammo, or loot. We still managed to do some minor leveling for an hour or so, but it’s pretty obvious that BL2 won’t support Euro-American connections like our normal games.

  3. In a way I’m pointing the blame at Sony for not allowing ps3 and ps4 users to play together, I mean I don’t even see ppl online who play on ps4 yet they can see me, I mean as far as I’m aware ps3 users can’t even group up with ps4 users even in chat on the systems. I’ll have a better think on a few ideas on how to combat the division between ps3/ps4 as I finally finish uni in July so I’ll be a free man to group up with tln again

  4. I think we should completely change our NCO’s and CO’s, add more and take some out, If I’m correct we have different officers for each game, so why not for different consoles? And for those to have both that are already officer promote, or delegate responsibility; what I’m saying is, Lets have different Officers for different consoles AND games, and for those of them that have BOTH choose one of the consoles to be on and be an officer for that ONE Console. We need to Delegate Responsibility rather than pile it on to people who can’t handle, or just have too much on their plate already. I just think we should completely re do everything, the biggest problem in this clan is we have a lot of Indians and not enough chiefs and we have too much stuff going on we can’t handle at one time. But that’s my 2 cents, you asked for it so there it is.

    • I don’t think its that big of an issue that we cant handle everything, I mean we do have officers for each game but at the end of the day its not us controlling the players clan activity. What controls it really is the members itself, as they have their own problems to deal with. We have enough officers to deal with both PS3 and PS4 for both BF4 and any other game that we are looking at right now without a problem.

    • That wouldn’t be a bad idea if 3/4 of the people who are active on the site weren’t already chiefs. Site activity is one of the more important things that is considered when nominating a member to become an officer, and the fact that the site became almost exclusively supported by the officers themselves shows that we don’t have enough members posting in the first place.

  5. Well, I have been playing Dust (cough, cough – what is that? Oh, dust) less and have dropped one character (still active, just waiting to move items to KR). That and B2 is my focus of late. I miss full squads of TLN players kicking butt and ignoring names. Looking forward to 3 faction battles on PS2 in a TLN squad just makes me think happy, killing thoughts.

    • Amen to that! I am revving up myself for Planetside 2. I still remember the first weekend of open beta on Dust. We had 32 players – those were the days.

      I’m hoping that Planetside 2 will be similar to Dust for TLN, but less competitive and more enjoyable, for longer, for all.

      • The similarities between Dust and Planetside 2 are apparent. Even the guns look similar.. But, what Dust seemed to miss while seeking to nickle and dime people to death, is the fucking game has to work for it to make money. They released the closed beta and it didn’t work, they opened the beta and after 6 patches it still doesn’t work well. The grind, the weapons suit imbalances doomed Dust from the start.. And again let’s not forget that all this was based on greed of the devs to milk every last penny from their community BEFORE the game even released.. Here is to hoping Sony was paying attention to CCP failure with Dust..

  6. There’s a couple of games coming out on plus this month that look like we could have some fun in them. Most notably. Payday 2 4 player heists. What could go wrong

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