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July 1, 2014 in Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Clan, Dust 514, Featured, Games, Other, PC, Racing



Yes, we’re bringing back a community favorite.. It is time to change our home page video.. SSAgent’s video has been up more than a year !!

Here is the challenge:

Make your own montage video of any game or combinations of games from your catalog.. Set the montage to the best kick ass song you can find.. Put it all together with (TLN) Talon Strike Force showing at the start and end of the video with your PSN name of course.. Keep the videos between 3 to 10 minutes long..

The 3 finalists will be selected by RocketRob99 and then we will hold a Community-wide vote to select the winner. The person with the winning montage will receive a $20 PSN code.. This contest is only open existing TLN members.. The Winners Montage will be posted to our website home page with full credit to the creator and a link to his or her personal Youtube channel. All montage submissions will be posted to the Talon Strike Force Youtube channel as well. Submissions must either be posted and noted here on our website or sent to [email protected] or via PM from our website by no later than 12:01 am Eastern time July 20th, 2014. The vote will start July 21st and will run until July 31st. The Winner will be announced August 1st.

Now go get’em and show your TLN pride!!

Sponsored by: RocketRob99



13 responses to TLN Video Montage Challenge

  1. PC footage count?

  2. I am not eligible since I am the sponsor.. But, I thought I would throw together a BF montage to a requested song..

    Attention: We will be updating the Talon Strike Force Youtube Channel with all our member videos.. So if you made a video and want it showing our Youtube channel.. Either post your video link here or send it to me via private message, I will take it from there.. Your video can be any type of montage or 1st impressions or you just showing how bad-ass you are.. We want to get all our member videos onto our Community Youtube Channel.. Send yours today!!

  3. anything in our games library, sorry to ask, but is Notbox footage ok, i’ve got some nice sniping clips from TitanFall, and i’ll try to grab some from the other games i play, potentially use them in the video for transitions.

    • Yes, if you made it, yes.. Xbox or even PC footage would be fine for upload to the TLN youtube channel.. But for this challenge, I am going to have to say no.. I only allowed PC because of PS2 and BF… One game we’re in and another we’re looking at.. If you could do a combination then yes you can sneak in some Notbox footage.. For you, I’ll even allow you to mix in some of Minx vids too..

  4. I will try my best to rifle through all my footage for something good. It’s quite a bit, so I may or may not make the deadline, but I’ve been planning a montage for months now and this is good motivation 😀

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