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July 6, 2014 in Console, Featured, Other, Reviews, Tech and Game News, Website

We would like to take a moment and ask all members to please subscribe to the (TLN) Talon Strike Force YouTube Channel.. Please click this link subscribe today !!

With the onset of new ways to share our gaming experiences emerge and as our community continues to grow. We thought it would be nice to have a YouTube spot, where our members can have their videos posted. We get to see all our members creativity and hard work and they get access to more like and subscribers to their own YouTube Channel..

Go check it out, get your videos posted today.. Just send a private message to RocketRob99 and he will upload your video the (TLN) YouTube Channel..

TLN Logo, Blue.


3 responses to TLN’s YouTube Channel

  1. honestly thought i was subbed to the channel, must have been on my other youtube channel. resubbed, didn’t know all the talon casts were uploaded to it.

  2. There are a lot of nice vids here, come check it out!!!

  3. Gentlemen, thank you

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