Taloncast Episode 23

November 4, 2014 in Clan, Taloncast

Here it is guys.. We tried a new format here. we hope you all like.. Please take a moment and provide your thoughts on the different topics discussed.


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  1. it sounds like i need to try BF4 again ;D, just having to much fun with destiny though……
    I understand Destiny is repetitious if you play the strike playlist over and over again. Although if you play the crucible not every round is the same.
    On the drops, most MMO’s have random drops, i understand its frustrating. You do get rewards for doing, the raid, the nightfall, weekly on highest levels, same goes for the daily story mission if you do it on the highest level. Best way to get the weapon you want is to collect marks and strange coins and then get it from the vendors or Xur. It’s just we have been pampered with games like COD and BF4 where you have to get XP to open the next thing and do small tasks to open certain weapons and gadgets, this is a very direct approach. Which is good for that kind of game and i like it. In Destiny there is a very indirect way of getting or upgrading things, you need to collect a lot of stuff to be able to buy weapons/armor or upgrade them. And yeah drops are random, but if you don’t need it dismantle it and use whatever it gives you. Or save it for your other character.
    This game is definitely not for everyone. On the story i agree, its a shame that Activision pushed the release and fucked it up. I was kinda hoping that by patching it a few times they would also add story missions as bounties or whatever instead of only balancing it. Of course no such luck. Lets hope the DLC is as good as they say and we don’t find out that there have been some stuff taken out of that also.
    Well what to say for planetside 2, its kinda frustrating that the only thing we heard is that the beta is coming out in the next few months 🙁 I think its time to start feeding the PS4 community bits and pieces of what is to come, you can’t keep people in the dark forever. I have played on PC briefly and if it’s anything like it, i think we are going to enjoy it a lot as a clan. It is going to be a grind also as this game doesn’t stop after logging off. Should be interesting.

  2. I don’t mind the grinding on Destiny since I’m coming from another MMO. Yes the look system sucks. There is no way I should do a raid and the only thing I get out of it is shards and energy. That is one of my issues with the game, but there are others that bother me even more.

    Lack of content being the main. Sure their releasing DLCs and that will help but only after a period of time. This is one game I should have probably waited a year before picking up and then there would be enough content for me to stay busy and happy. Right now its just Tues and Wed Raids and strikes for the week and then the rest of the days I come on do the daily and event for the day and log off unless someone is on and needs help or just to play with.

    Next issue lack of matchmaking. If there isn’t enough of my friends online to run the raid well then I can’t. Sure I could inspect other players and send them messages through the PSN to see if they want to run it but who has time for that. Which leads me to my next big issue.

    No in game communication (unless you are already grouped up with someone). There should be a chat function in the tower where we could organize a team for raids, crucible, or even strikes (so you don’t have to worry about people not sticking around as much). At least then if my friends aren’t online I could still attempt to run the raid if needed.

    • Excellent points Deathlok

    • if you have a mic, in the crucible i know you have voip as you see the speaker icon come up in the left bottom of your screen. I kinda have the idea that in crucible people use the ps4 party chat, maybe the sound is better on that. I kinda agree on the matchmaking, we need an in game lobby, that would be better.
      I think the chat function in the tower is an excellent idea, it worked well in dcuo from what i could see.
      The lack of content is disappointing, but sometimes as a company you can’t fight all the battles you want so to keep activision’s money basically bungie decided to release it (prematurely) with less content. It’s all about the benjamins in that case. That i understand, is it a gamer friendly decision?, not really. Hope they release more of that content as this game continues. Like with prequel dlc’s maybe?

  3. I just want to say I miss all of our TLN members gaming together!!! And being able to pick out who is talking to me… some of our guys sound exactly alike and BF sucks trying to figure out who is talking to me… 🙁 One day I will have a PS4 so i can play with my friends!

  4. I’ve got a couple of points, @23.13 were you indulging in the sacred sport of t-bagging?

    Destiny is a massive grind, made really enjoyable by TLN. I think everyone has got burnt out, I certainly have – I’m looking for the next game if anyone has any pointers.

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