Making your Video Gamer Persona?

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With the onset of the new TLN Community activity in Battlefield 4 (TLNs “Trollin Tuesdays”) we started to wonder why more people do not use the “Share” feature on their PS4s. Sure, there are many reasons a person would not use this feature. But, at the same time there are many reasons to use the “Share” feature. Of course there is the obvious reasons but you can also use it to prove when something crappy happens in game too. LOL..

I wanted to take a minute to go over some things that may help you set things up to make it easier for you to share videos and game clips and whatnot.

There are 2 basic ways to share from PS4- 1 is straight to Facebook and the second is straight to Youtube or as you know you can stream live on Twitch and UStream. Any way you go about it, you will need to have an account on these services. This is where I think some people get hung up. They do not necessarily want to create a profile with their email or info from their PSN accounts. Understandable, but how can you set it up so you do not reveal your PSN info..

SIMPLE, create a “Gamer Persona”

Many people know I am a strong advocate for keeping a certain amount of anonymity between my gamer persona and IRL. A while back, I decided to take my persona to the next level. It started with Facebook and then I moved to my whole “Gamer Persona” for the purposes of sharing on PS4, it works wonderfully. Here is a quick overview to set up your Gamer Persona and it really should only take you about 5 to 10 minutes to set up.

  1. Start by creating a new free email i.e. Yahoo, Gmail,whatever. Make the email some formation of your PSN, it doesn’t have to be exact. Once the account is set up and verified. Send the login info via email to your regular email account and save it to a folder in case you need to find it later.
  2. Go to your PSN account either via PS4 or SOE Online and change your contact email to your new one. Again accept and respond to the verification emails.
  3. Facebook- Create a new Facebook profile with your Gamer Persona/PSN- You will need to create a first and last name. (See my persona) You can separate or add to your tag. But it should also be some formation of your PSN. For personal info, use the address 123 Any St. Hometown, (??) use your state, use Zip Code 10001. USE NO REAL PERSONAL INFO !! But, fill in the blanks.
  4. Youtube-Even easier than FB, but use the same set-up no personal info- If you like, add your real email address as 2nd contact email- again just in case you loose your login info.
  5. Twitch- Exactly the same as Youtube.

Now the benefits of having this set up will become apparent as you use the services. TIP- Whenever, creating a profile on a website gaming related, use your Gamer Persona so all your emails go to that new email address. Which is like having a spam email account where you don’t care what gets sent to it.. Moving on now.

Once your Gamer Persona is created, you now have a place to share your PSN PS4 stuff. You will next need to go to your PS4 login now with your new email then, in “Account Settings” go to “Linked Accounts” here you set up your links to Facebook and Youtube. TIP you need to be logged into those accounts when doing the link, I believe. It’s really just a couple of clicks and your done.

To set up Twitch and UStream you need to login to those services from your PS4 and follow the onscreen menu. Once this is done you’re ready to share using all the PS4 features. I know it sounds like a lot but it actually goes pretty fast.




Now that your accounts set up, let’s talk Sharing Tips.. There are several ways to Share your screen shots and video clips. Screenshots can be shared via Facebook or email even. Videos can be shared via Youtube, Facebook. You can do a quick share performing some basic length trimming when you upload directly from your game or you can save your video to your capture gallery and edit it more in ShareFactory on PS4. With the exception of a few Taloncasts all of my videos were done completely by Sharefactory.


This photo shows the share button settings screen. I for one prefer to stop hit the share button then hit Square or double tap to start recording to a predetermined length. TIP:

  • To change the default recording length, go to [Share Settings] > [Video Clip Settings] > [Length of Video Clip] and choose from 1,3,5,10, and 15 minutes.

I recommend setting to 5 minutes, you can always trim it before uploading it and if you’re using it in Sharefactory you have even more video to clip from. Upload length us capped at 15 minutes for Youtube from PS4. You can upload more if you have a software to combine videos on PC and then you can upload from PC. That process is more complicated but if anyone wants that info send me a PM.. In ShareFactory if your clips are 10 minutes or more you will only be able to add one or two videos until it is trimmed below 20 minutes in overall length but still capped at 15 minutes total for uploading. It’s a pain in the ass but easily resolved by reducing your clip saving length to 5 minutes.

TIP for adding music when sharing from Sharefactory… Facebook will not allow any 3rd party music, they will reject the whole video and it will not show on your profile. Youtube on the other hand is much easier. When uploading your video, in the description box, put in “Music Credit” then list the artist and song. That’s it… Some countries may reject it but for the most part you’ll be good. I’ve had 3 copyright challenges on Youtube and won them all..

If anyone has any questions post them here or contact me in game or by private message.

Please take a moment and provide comment and feedback on this post and it’s topic..

Thanks, RocketRob99

πŸ™‚ Happy Sharing !! And Lets see those Trollin Videos.. Hey, Destiny and GTA guys, you can get in on Trollin Tuesdays too.. Post your best Trollin video and post it to our website on the respective game wall.



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