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Hey TLN, with the release of the next wave of Planetside 2 beta keys. We wanted to answer a few questions about the factions in PS2 and where TLN will run. As noted in the last Planetside 2 news post here on the TLN website. We asked all the TLN members to vote on which faction TLN should roll in when the closed beta came out. The overwhelming choice was NC-New Conglomerate. Here is the link to the faction choice poll previously posted. You can still vote if you like.

PlanetSide-2-Vanu-Sovereignty PlanetSide-2-Terran-Republic1 NC_wallpaper




Many people have asked me about this. As a Community Talon Strike Force has not yet chosen a faction for PS2 yet and we will hold off on making a final decision until more TLN members have played the beta. We want to keep an open mind and we want to make sure we choose a faction that all TLN members will enjoy. The way PS2 is designed a community such as ours can really make a difference. But only if we all stick together as one team. As I’ve stated before, I would really like to give each faction a try before the game releases. This way going into the live game when it launches TLN will be ready to make our final choice on which faction TLN will roll in PS2.

We have learned lessons from previous titles where faction choice can make a huge difference in how the game plays for our members. We all loved Raven in MAG but I am sure almost everyone in TLN who played MAG will admit. The factions in MAG were slightly unbalanced. Which we all know led to serious frustrations. We want to be careful in making this faction selection because as a team we all want to be on the faction we like the most. As noted in prior posts, there are many differences, advantages and disadvantages dependent on which faction you choose..

planetside_2-HDFinally, for those lucky enough to have received a beta key in this wave or the previous beta key release. We will look to group up in Planetside 2 during times when the servers are up. Remember at this point the PS2 servers are not open 24/7. As CFD and I are just now getting into the beta, we will ask that TLN Officers Boomer2_6 and Postmanclark to take the lead.. Just so you know Boomer, Postman and a few other TLN have been in the beta since the 1st wave of beta keys were release. It is best to let those guys set up the squads and to set where and what we’ll be doing during our group ups. Make sure you add them to your friends list to assure you can get grouped up with TLN. We will make new squads as more and more people come online in this title.

Last note: Once this game launches and if TLN decides to remain committed to this title. We will reorganize the TLN officer core to suit this title. Meaning that we will hold nominations and votes on key officer roles for Planetside 2. There will be many community positions open for TLN members to become part of the team and to help with the growth of Talon Strike Force in Planetside 2.



If you questions, comments or suggestions on this topic or anything to do with Planetside 2 and the factions, make your posts here. Let’s get this discussion rolling. If you think TLN should look to roll in a faction you like. Tell us which faction and why you think its best. Also, as this is a new title for PS4 we would love to hear feedback on the PS2 title itself and how TLN should look to roll in this game.



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  1. So I dont really know much about Planetside 2 altogether and although I had the key from the very beginning, I decided not to play for no special reason other then not really interested in it.. On another note, personally I am loving the Vanu Sovereignty armor and at the same time I love the Terran Republic logo with the New Conglomerate… Weapon wise, I have to go with the Vanu Sovereignty as they are more balanced in my opinion but strong enough. BUT altogether I will vote the Vanu Sovereignty to be our prime faction 🙂

    • Did you vote in the poll??? Are you going to play PS2?? PGL, I do think this title is right up your alley, mate.. 🙂

      • haha Yes I have voted and I was the only one feeling that way (Only vote for Vanu 🙁 ) but I don’t know man…I played PS2 already and it didn’t personally impress me enough, as you know, my standards for games are pretty high as I go for ladders, but if there isn’t something to prove me worth spending lots of time into then not sure…

  2. Hopefully more and more members can get in the beta. It’s quite exciting to see a game like this which is probably the most remniscent to MAG coming out soon. I’m anxious to play!

  3. I have to say, I’ve been really enjoying the NC weapons. I played Terran more often on the PC, and liked the fire rate (old Raven-style weapons), but I really like the punch that these NC weapons have.

    Last night while we were defending against a Vanu group, I was knocking down approaching Vanu soldiers like bowling pins. In fact, I think I may have made that comparison.

    While I’m still a little back and forth between the NC and TR, I would not be upset if we went full-force NC for Talon.

  4. Just want to add, that whilst I can answer questions on PS2 and what classes to be etc.; I’m not going to be on a huge amount at the moment. The beta time is in the middle night during the week and it will only be at the weekends, when I game at normal night hours for me.

    However, having said that – hope to see you on the battlefield soon.

  5. Well from the little bit that I played the PC when this title first came out; I lean towards the NC, but Terran Republic I think would be a fine choice as well. I can’t say for sure what it is about the Vanu Sovereignty that I don’t like, but I couldn’t get that into the faction.

  6. Attention old guard TLN members. Those who were with us in MAG.. The Planetside-2 Closed Beta is rolling now. We are creating a beta key pool and need to know who needs a key. Only current or returning TLN members are eligible. You can post here

  7. I have played a bit now.. I am liking it.. But, I need my TLN brothers along side.. You get to make 2 characters in the beta.. My 1st and primary right now is NC.. My 2nd one will be TR.. We do want to try them all but it seems people are interested in those two.. However, I will point out VS right now seem to have a big part of the map.

  8. Yeah I was going to say just from the gameplay footage i have seen and from the introduction videos of each faction I really was more interested in either vanu or tr. Granted I still have yet to play the game so my word doesnt count for much.

  9. omg I couldn’t name her Goddessofwar09 or Goddessofwar because it was “profane” but it let me put ClamslamNurmom!!! really??? LMAO

  10. Here is a video of the Guiness World Record round.. 1,158 PC players on one server.. This video shows the scale of the battles. There is no info on the player count for PS4 yet.. But, keep your eye on the mini-map in this video to see number bases with 100 plus players fighting over one base. This is epic..

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