Battlefield 4 Reunion Date Confirmed

January 26, 2016 in Battlefield 4, Clan, PlayStation

Battlefield 4 Reunion Group Up

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Alright, I know it took some time and we kind of posted the poll dates wrong.. Well, if someone made a handbook on how to run a gaming community, I would buy it. So, based on the poll results, it would appear that the best day to hold this event would be a Saturday starting around 7 pm Eastern. So to make sure we will not exclude anyone who wants to get in on this.. We will hold this event over two weekends.

February 6th & February 13th- Start time will be 7 pm Eastern.  

In order to make this even more special, I’ve reached out to the EYE clan and several of their members have expressed excitement in being part of this kind of event and group up. They would like to even start a little earlier if anyone is interested, please post below.

To make the grouping and squad set up more streamlined, we will use the PSN chat lounge to set up the squads. We will set up the chat lounge for this event under the TLN Battlefield Communities page. Just in case you need to find the event.

What kind of shit will we get into?

We will take LIVE votes in chat to decide where we go and what we will do.. However, I think most people want to run Conquest and or Conquest large.. Based on squad size we will look to kick ass in Rush or other mixed bag modes. The main focus will be to give everyone as strong chance to try all the new FREE content.. We have 2 remastered maps to enjoy.. 1st we have Zovod in the Dark !! Then we have the new community map project map which is includes Noshar Canals map section.. I’ve tried it already in TDM and it plays great. KEEP in MIND these videos are older all of this content is now fully available.

Finally, we will look to enjoy the newly remastered Dragon Valley map. This map is one of the finest BF4 maps I’ve ever played.. It alone is worth making this event worthwhile. Check out this video- Again these predates the release of this new content..

So, there it is.. I can say, I will be on both dates and will be looking to enjoy the Battlefield experience again with a team of players. Who actually know how to play !!!  The new maps and the new enhancements will assure that all who attend will have a fantastic time.. DON”t miss it

Any questions or comments please post them here..

What gun are you looking to run with?? What’s your loadout preference?? What made are mode or map you are most looking forward too?

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11 responses to Battlefield 4 Reunion Date Confirmed

  1. I hope to make it on there. I had a lot going on lately and I hope I can make time. Also, for those who do no know I do have a twitch account and plan on live streaming. I will attach a link to my twitch.

  2. Nice!! Everyone dust off this game and give it a whirl again!

  3. Here’s hoping that both Goddess and I can make an appearance together!

  4. i might be able to make the 6th, will have to my PS4 to the GF’s house….lets see how that works out hahaha

  5. This will be fun! And everyone should download the three FREE community maps ahead of time so we can all try them out.

  6. I cant wait! Ill try to make both of these dates.

  7. Loadouts– Well for Zavod, I like pretty much all the DMR with a flir scope.. Or running AR150 with acog..
    All other maps, I will mostly run medic(like that is surprise) with AR150, L85 or G36C

  8. I believe I’ll have the 6th off, so count me in. Been having fun the AN-94 as of recently, but I might have it mastered by then.

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