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HAPPY NEW YEAR -(TLN) Talon Strike Force– We are starting off the New Year 2016 with some changes and new officers.. TLN continues to grow in Planetside 2 and as of this post we have reached 140 registered members. How many are currently active is up for debate.. Some other titles have lured some of our members away from PS2.. (cough, cough) Fallout, Destiny…….Nonetheless we have continued to bring in new members to our OUTFIT in Planetside 2.

Recently, we have seen the latest server merger which has in turn led to some truly memorable moments for the TLN outfit members.. Due to some changes in many of the senior officers available game time. We felt it was a good time to look for new officers among the active membership within Planetside.. We looked at several factors when deciding if we wanted to give TLN officer status to what are still relatively new members.. At least by TLN standards as we continue through our 5th year.. It was always part of officer process to consider how long a member was active when considering for promotion to community officer.

However, with IRL stuff bogging down many of our senior officers, but who all get in game when they can. How could we sustain a strong leadership with only one or two community level officers playing here and there.. We realized something had to be done if we were to continue to grow and support the community in Planetside 2. All the community officers (Core-Officers-CO) such myself, CFD, Tech-Sarge, etc…. Are not or may not be fully committed to Planetside 2 or are unable to give the support and attention our membership needs for success.


After careful consideration, we decided we would look for active members who had demonstrated the qualities we expect from our officers. Each of these members demonstrated on many occasions .. Without knowing they were doing it, they were doing exactly what it takes.. Now, it wasn’t just these qualities that went into this decision, research too.. Over a certain period these members where most active in Planetside 2 with the exception of couple of others who ironically are playing something else..

We wanted people who were active in Planetside 2 who would have a strong interest in promoting TLN to further enhance their own game time.


Our first selection was to promote TLN Planetside 2 NCO Donk, from NCO (Non-Core Officer) to CO status… Please take a moment and welcome Donkk TLN Core Officer -CO.. This promotion allows Donkk to not only help run TLN in Planetside 2 but to be part of the overall management of the TLN community across all titles in our catalog.. In addition, Donk has been promoted to Leader status for the TLN Outfit as well..

In order to support Donkk as he continues to grow TLN.. He also needed strong support again, the nominations went out and these two members where the most nominated. We are proud to announce that Rybread and Graves12 have been promoted from members to NCO status for the TLN Outfit in Planetside 2.. Please take a moment to congratulate these new officers of TLN.

zfvDalo (1)

Future Plans

Well, our nightly group continues to expand.. We are running strong and the other factions and outfits know who we are. Once we reach a certain level of nightly players during prime time.. 6 pm to 1 am Eastern. We will then took to begin to recruit and assemble 3 core commands within the TLN Outfit.. Infantry, Armor and Air.. Each Outfit Core will have a officer leader and will have troops to lead..

My ideas for faction conquest are varied and complex.. If we have the numbers, we cannot be stopped.. That is all we need now.. More people, more players willing to work together toward a common goal.. ULTIMATE DOMINATION no matter where we go.. I want to grow TLN to the point other factions leave the continent to get away from us… Only to find us where ever they go..

You all can be part of this.. I do mean every single one of you can be part of this great master plan… PLANETSIDE 2 is a FREE to play title available on the Playstation store.. I for one, have not spent 1 penny on this game and I have over 200+ hours playing it.. And I still don’t find a need to spend any money other than to look better while I roll.. I am way too cheap for that.. But, yet I still have a great time playing this game.. If you haven’t checked it out.. DO it now !!! Here are some videos from recent live streams..


We are also looking for members interested in doing a nightly Youtube or Twitch stream.. Message RocketRob99 for details. 



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  1. Stay strong TLN! Stay stong…

  2. congrats Donkk, well done…now the real work starts 😀

    The future looks bright i guess in this game

  3. Welcome to all of you new officers.

  4. Congratulations Donkk, Rybread and Graves… Make us proud… !!!

  5. Oops my apologies, forgot Rybread and Graves……my apologies…congrats

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