Battlefield 1 TLN Day One Squad Up Info

October 18, 2016 in Clan

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Hey guys, here we go.. Battlefield 1 coming out tomorrow October 18th for Pre-Order Ultimate edition, with the full release this coming Thursday. So, starting tomorrow there will be daily group ups for TLN in this title.. Please check out this video from some details on how TLN will run in BF1.

Correction- It is not just for EA Access people it is also for those who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition. 

Now, as discussed in this video above, we recommend using the TLN Battlefield Communities page on your PSN. In the communities page you can create a chat lounge, that lounge will be open to all members of that particular community. Good thing is you don’t need to have every member in the community on your friends list to squad up with them. If they are in the TLN Battlefield Community they will be able to access your chat. We recommend that everyone name their Chat with TLN in the title. This way people will know it is TLN people playing this title.

TLN squads will be up day and night for the remainder of this week. We will post info on the TLN server sometime tomorrow. Where to find it and how. We will also post info on our server to the TLN Battlefield PSN Communities page, as well as here on our website and on Facebook. So, you should have no trouble assembling a TLN squad at almost any time day or night.. We will also be recruiting for new members day one.. Only real rule is the prospective member must have a mic to join TLN.. If not, friends of TLN members can still squad up with us..

Finally, I will be live streaming throughout the week, so check my youtube channel to get in on the stream. I will answering questions live during each stream so come join in on the fun or just make fun of how bad I am.. Either way it should be a blast..

In order to encourage you all to show your gameplay. I will put up a $20 PSN card to the active TLN member who creates the best BF1 Montage video.. No rules, just make it cool and show your pride in TLN. That’s it… All submissions must be sent to me RocketRob99 here on our website or via Facebook private message by 11 pm Eastern November 5th or posted here on our website indicating in the post that it’s your submission to this contest.  The winner will be announced during the recording for Taloncast Episode 30 being recorded on Nov 6th..

Till next time this is RocketRob99 see ya all out on the BATTLEFIELD.. Remember- We FIGHT as MANY, we WIN as ONE


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  1. To answer the first question received with respect to our servers. Yes, we will consider setting it up for use to obtain weapons unlock. This video cracked me up.

  2. Anyone getting on today.. Keep a look out for @tech-sarge..

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