6 Year Anniversary Rememberance

November 5, 2016 in Clan



Remembering 6 years of (TLN) Talon Strike Force

As tomorrow November 6, 2016 marks the six year anniversary of our gaming community. We thought it would be a great time to look back at what we have all shared together. 


We would like to ask that ALL TLN members and friends new and old to post their favorite moment of being part of the Talon Strike Force Community. It can be short, it can be long, your choice.. You can tell about how you became a TLN member, an epic battle where TLN strength was shown or the day you knew you were part of a great community of gamers. Whatever story you want to tell. If can be a funny story about one of RocketRob99’s famous rants or the first time you heard Dexter1029 yell STABBY! Or the time Noobtubewithattitude aka (SSAgent) stabbed you for the tenth time in a BF3 game.. Or it could be just how it feels to you to be part of the TLN community..

Share your favorite story of TLN

Here are our previous Anniversary posts to help you look back on the Talon Strike Force History.

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Unfortunately the 1st Anniversary post was on our old website which is no longer accessible. Keep a look out for Taloncast Episode #30 for the 6 year anniversary episode.

Remember our motto: FIGHT as MANY, WIN as ONE !!


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8 responses to 6 Year Anniversary Rememberance

  1. My favorite TLN Story- This comes from a couple of years back and it involves a member only a few will know. This guy joined us in BF3 he didn’t want to use his mic but said he did have one. He was a strong team player.. So one night with a little prodding from me and a few others, this guy turns on his mic. We find out he has a bad stutter, we assure him it is no big deal and expressed how grateful that he decided to use his mic.

    He worked through it and did for the most part remain pretty quite for the most part. Then as time went by he spoke more and more. To the point the stutter was almost non-existent. Here is where the story turns.. I received a message on Facebook from his family, more specifically his brother. His message was of truly heartfelt sentiment of how his brother was socially paralyzed by his stutter and he had been later found to be depressed to the point of suicide. He had written the letter and had made all his preparations. Then he met me and TLN, his brother went on at such great length about how grateful they were that his brother had found such a welcoming group of complete strangers, who without a word treated his brother far better than his so called friends.

    His brother finished his message by giving me an update, telling me that his brother was in his last year of university and was graduating to become a speech therapist if you can imagine. His brother swore me to secrecy and since he used his real name there was no way I could ever post this message. But, I must say even an old tough guy like me, got choked up at the story of how a simple act of kindness could change someone’s life forever. This story is what keeps me plugging away to keep TLN going for all of our members !!

    My TLN story..

  2. You know? It’s actually how funny how I have dusted quite a few stages of my life while being in TLN and continuing to be part of this amazing community.

    I joined the community almost at the beginning, right at the start of BF3 after a quick message sent to Rob asking him if he would allow me to play with him and his squad! He obviously let me join, and he also told me all about TLN and what kind of community and people they had at that time, and all I could think of is how awesome it is to be part of something.

    Now that was 6 years ago and a lot happen to me since then! I have finished (In British terms here) Highschool, finished College and now I am at University doing my bachelor degree, and that I can say that it is a lot of time and dedication, both with my studies and being part of TLN, although I cant consider me being part of TLN dedication, I consider it being at home, being between my family and I consider it a place where I always have someone to talk to at my good and at my bad times.

    I have now been an officer for 3 years, been part of the big boys and advanced through the ranks and shown what I am capable of quite quick and although not many of the new members might know me, everyone else does know that I am the guy behind the scenes with most of the stuff going on in the community.

    It’s very special being part of something of this scale, knowing that I have a place to be at and mean something as for many don’t feel this way outside of what we have here, it’s very rare to find something similar and I am very sure that if there was to be something the same, they must feel the same.

    Although this is not much of a story, I have given you my thoughts of my 6 years of being in TLN, of how I advanced through these years, and I do truly hope everyone feels the same way as I do.

  3. My best memories are plentiful!! The great games played with great people for the last 6 years are amazing!! But, my fondest memory will take you inside the walls of the closed door officer meetings that used to take place in PS Home on PS3. I’ve never seen so much clowning around actually be that productive!! I know that there is video and screen shots floating around so if you’re an old school officer like myself and you have some footage, throw it up here for the membership to view!! Great times with TLN!

  4. i have so many good memories from tln i wouldn’t know where to start, but i will give it a shot…..

    Became a part of TLN in march 2011 and off the bat got EXPOSED to goddess, rob-ace and rhansen…now for you who know these 3 Talons it is not a good way to start out LOL. Well…imagine this…every topic was r-rated up to the point sometimes we were told to kick it down a notch because of some of the minors in the clan that were on with us. Anyway to us these conversations were hilarious. That was fun, but i think for me a highlight was the clan battle against STD….oeps still making the same mistakes STB [Sver True Bloods] as we loved to kick their ass…. It did make some other enemies though cough….Quickgloves….cough. But we have never backed down from anyone so….
    Became an officer in MAG over 5 years ago and am still enjoying every minute of it.
    This is truly my gaming family……
    IN BF3 it became apparent that I was the designated guy to arrange clan battles and such….so i became the clan Warlord (title still cracks me up)…thx for title @RocketRob99 😀
    Man…. BF3 clan battles were awesome, we absolutely ruled those battles. Video link below is from NC battle vets against us on Noshahr canals.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNFW6Pw-jN8&w=1280&h=720%5D

    We had some great games, best moments include Rocket raging cause some people were not PTFO-ing or jamming the comms……but the best rages were when Dexter and him were knifed by other TLN who got put on the other team….oh man….

    With PS4 coming out we got into a bit of a rud due to console split, dust514/eve online and BF4 being the worst launched game ever that almost turned EA on its belly…BUT it’s a testament to this community that we have stayed together and are still getting people back……
    A lot of people went to Destiny..me included….but a soon as Planetside 2 was out people started gravitating there as this was a shooter that we like as far as scale and team play goes…it’s sci fi….sort off…but not as much as you would think. This brought a lot of old members back as well as got us some fresh blood. Again testament to the community as most of the new guys are still around and also grouping in other games.

    Now that Battlefield 1 is out we see everybody is back in this game cause this time this BF launch was correctly performed…..And i love it…..there is a lot of communication again with everyone which is cool…

    It’s been 6 long years with a lot memories, great to see a lot of people back playing together…

    What can i say more…proud to be a Talon

    BTW: I stream Destiny on Tuesdays between 12 pm and 4 pm EST..Join me…or if you want to hang out and bs a bit thats fine too.
    And will stream Battlefield 1 on Friday late in the evenings.
    When this changes i will post in the members lounge when…and what game i will stream….
    Also fine if you wanna see how much of a NOOB i can be you can just check out the stream @


    Hows that for a shameless plug LMFAO

  5. Honestly, as I sit here taking a shit with my laptop. I can say with all my heart that every moment that I link up with you guys is one of the best. A core group of soldiers that have eac h others back and actually play fucking objective in BF! It truly has been an honor to serve with you gentlemen for this long. To many more years of killing and tea bagging!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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