Getting your TLN emblem in BF1

November 18, 2016 in Clan



How to get the TLN emblem on your ingame uniform

Hey, TLN here is the info some have been asking for.. How do I get the TLN emblem in Battlefield 1. Well, actually it is pretty easy. You first need access to the BF1 Companion App either by smartphone or PC. Under Career you will see to the right of your emblem/avatar where is says “Emblems” go into there and use the links below to upload the generator pieces and you’re done. Really it takes literally just a few seconds. We’ve made it easy for you here.

There are two emblems to choose from. Now, you can edit these fully but be careful the companion app emblem maker is a bit of a pain to use. However, you can easily change the background colors.

capture battlefield-1-companion


Emblem 1-

Emblem 2-


If anyone wants to take a crack at making a better one close to our community logo, go for it.


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  1. What do you guys think of this one?
    I made it grey so it works better on the Heavy Tank and it’s color scheme:

  2. thanks that was easy.

  3. Sweet tht waz actually simple thanks

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