Taloncast Episode 30 Anniversary Special

November 6, 2016 in Clan, Taloncast



Welcome Talons this Taloncast was the first time we have done one on the community’s anniversary. Still a standard style podcast but we had some fun with the anniversary thing.. Don’t be too harsh on the opening song..

Taloncast Episode # 30



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Please take a few minutes and offer your comments and or suggestions on any topic discussed during the podcast.. Thanks.


@cfd26 Sir, the photos mentioned in your remembrance post. 

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Yes the good old days of the TLN Officer meetings.. cough, cough laughfests we use to have back in the day.. 


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  1. Kinda sucks i couldn’t be there

    Glad i just missed the MAG beta LMFAO

    I think its better to do this as a community especially with so many games.

    Planetside 2 spawns were awful and the loading screens are a bit annoying.
    I agree with Ratchet; Playing with a lot of TLN in that game is necessary.
    Planetside 2 is definitely a game you need to prepare, cause details in this game matter more.
    The end of round is something you need to get used to but you should need to know that it is a continuous war. Good tip on when and how to check your scores.
    I think people don’t like it for different reasons, for me it is that on my time there are not a lot of people on. Only time i played with some TLN was on US prime time and that was EPIC!

    LOL on not knowing Warframe…….BUT that is definitely more sci-fi than PS2, Blacklight sucked nothing more to say.

    9th grade Ratchet????????? WOW!!!!!

    BF4 and BF1
    Battlefield 4 is a good game now, better late than never LOL.
    I love battlefield one, i love the older weapons, i started playing WWII FPS’s back in the day on PC. So i have a lot of fun with these weapons.
    Absolutely agree with both CFD and ratchet first impressions. BF1 definitely the best launch in a while.
    Hardline what is that……..HAHAHAHAHA
    Hardwiring your playstation is the best option. I have not had that problem yet .
    There are some conversations on the forums about this ping limiter but no conclusive evidence that it’s added. But it sure sounds like it if you hear people talk about this.
    The sweeper i have tried and it’s ok but like the Selbstlader M1916 Factory. I haven’t tried the 3 bullet option, i will have to try that.
    Hmmm….haven’t gotten killed a lot by shotguns so i don’t know, but if you guys say it’s bad then.
    I mostly play assault cause due to my noobness hahahahaha i need that SMG…

    The snipers are ok, i have been using the lawrence of arabia sniper on the scout and it is pretty good it’s not the best but it gets fast kill if i aim head or chest.

    tip of the day: let the blueberries die first hahahahahaha

    Jeez PG get a grip son hahahahaha

    Rent a servers!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!
    Changes to modes and maps???? interesting haven’t seen that before.
    That cornering post definitely helped me a lot.



    I don’t think we will restrict anything in the rent-a-server unless we get the frag rounds back.

    I would love to move the website to HTML 5, streaming through the website would be great it would put us on the map very differently.

    indeed @Ratchet2448; Fight as many Win as one is still our philosophy.


    Stay Talon, Strong

    3rd in command, Warlord, MDO, Eternal Noob, meat shield

  2. I’ll be using Tech’s method of writing comments as I listen.


    I agree with your points on Planetside. I stated something very similar when it first released and none of the officers were willing to take the time to learn its systems.

    I played Blacklight for all of 4 hours when I first got a PS4. It was decent, but I put it down pretty quickly once I started running into guys with 600-800 ping that were allowed to run around and kill everyone while we couldn’t see them.

    Remember that modern Betas and Alphas aren’t properly titled. BF4 had a timed demo to test server load, which they called a beta. BF1 was the same situation. Betas are the modern demo for online games and almost nothing else. It’s even more laughable when they call anything that the public sees an “Alpha.” Just as a general note: if the game you’re playing has beautifully well-polished visuals, an entirely functioning UI and weapons system, and is being displayed to the public, it’s not actually an Alpha.

    BF1 has a generally more stable network experience when it comes to gunplay, but EA servers are performing very poorly for this title. I have 140mb/s down on a CAT6 ethernet going straight to my PC/PS4 setup, which nearly maxes out the meter on Speedtest, yet at least once a night I, along with many other TLN get massive lag spikes that last anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds. Sometimes one or more of us get kicked. I never had issues to this extent in BF4, and play other PS4 and PC games just fine. EA’s servers are simply unacceptable.

    I REALLY hope that BF1 has a ping limiter. It would make all of my dreams come true. That and Brazilian servers : D

    Don’t forget about the optical variants Rob; I assume they put those ridiculous glass sights on the optical versions to try and ease those that miss red dots into the new style.

    The Sweeper is the Medic’s close range powerhouse. It gets awful past mid-range VERY quickly when compared to the other SLRs, but the large magazine and quick reload makes it great at close-range. The automatic trigger also allows you to worry less about trigger timing than the standard version.

    I’ve had not problems killing shotgun users at all ranges…really don’t know where everyone’s problems are coming from, but I guess I’ll have to try it out to really know for sure. Weapon balance in BF1 is astoundingly well done.

    Blueberries will be blueberries. Bake them into a pie.

    I feel the same way about playing Scout Rob; if I don’t do it, we lose the valuable information of the spotting flares, and there’s no one else to remove those pesky enemy snipers in the hills.

    Martini-Henry is overrated. I kill them all the time after they miss. I just finished Mastery (500 kills) with it, and it has a very low skill-ceiling. You’re much more limited by the weapon than the other sniper rifles, so a more skillful Scout using another rifle will perform better. The only reason the Martini is so fun to use is the satisfaction of the awesome sound/insane kick/reload animation.

    I tend to not run with the blueberries if I can help it, so I try to let whoever is squadded up with me go first, especially if it’s Agent/Ratch with a shotgun.

    The only change I made to my sensitivity to make it more like BF4 was to move the ADS slider down to 80%.

    Hardcore will probably be just as bad as usual.

    HTML5 would allow the site to display a much more modern look. I’m still not well versed enough to say more than that.

    Hey Rob, some of us may just want to remain anonymous and uncredited when making donations ; )

    Really enjoyed that last section.

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