TLN Planetside 2 Reboot

November 10, 2016 in Featured, PlayStation

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Planetside 2 Reboot Meet UP

The time has come to reboot TLN in Planetside 2. It is clear we have kind of scrabbled up a little with the release of Battlefield 1. Now that the honeymoon is over for that title, it is a good time to reorganize our efforts to grow TLN in the Planetside 2 Community.

Keeping with our tradition of getting your feedback on our efforts in order to make this better for everyone. We have planned a OUTFIT Pow-wow, Meeting, round-table discussion, no matter how you say it. We would like all of you to come join us on Friday Night Starting at 8 PM Eastern. Come share what ideas you may have about how TLN can and should grow in Planetside 2. An open discussion on what would be best for you and the team to make TLN the best NC OUTFIT in the game.

We will look to promote those of you who are truly interested in growing the TLN community in this title. You will be come the leaders and representatives of TLN in Planetside 2 ! Yes, RocketRob99 will be on hand to secure and approve immediate promotions to officer status for all those who apply !!

The time has come !!

TLN is coming back BIG in Planetside 2 !!

Are you going to be a part of it ?

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We FIGHT as MANY, we WIN as ONE !!

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  1. lets see if i can make this one 😀

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