TLN Weekly Battlefield 1 Squad Up

December 17, 2016 in Clan, Games, PlayStation

Battlefield 1 Weekly Squad Up !!

After some discussions with the officers and members, the time has come for TLN to get its shit together with Battlefield 1. We all know this game is better with a strong team of players who communicate and work together. However, members are also engaged with other games as well. So, we need to establish a night where all members of TLN can come together in Battlefield and do what we do- FIGHT as MANY, WIN as ONE !! Yea, it sounds a bit corny now but it still remains true even now 6 years later !!! In BF 1 it is a necessity.

Now this by no means changes our nightly squads but on this one day we want to bring our team together like the old days of MAG and Battlefield 3. Days where other teams would fear the TLN tag and run. These days can happen again, all the bit different now, as there is no platoon system yet in BF1. When that does come down we want to be ready, when the competitive version of the game drops in 2017 TLN wants to be ready. We want YOU to be ready, to fight and win for the PRIDE of your community !!

Okay enough of the rah, rah stuff, now down to business.. Previously the TLN Battlefield night had changed from Fridays to Saturdays.. We will for now keep it Saturday Evenings. That is every Saturday starting the week after New Years Eve.. It isn’t smart to start this now with the holidays and all. So, we will wait to the first of the year. Then it will be every Saturday.. Now, in order to make this work, we will need some help to get this going. RocketRob99 doesn’t come online until 9 pm Eastern. We need officer or members to volunteer to be present each Saturday starting at  6 to 7 pm Eastern.This person will be responsible for setting up the chat lounges and posting to the TLN PSN communities page. Then as other members come online the starting player can hand off the chat to the next person and so on and so on until the west coast guys come online..

If we are going to make this successful, we need members and officers to participate, just comment below if you’re interested in helping out. We will also seek to populate and use the TLN Battlefield 1 community server. We have learned that some corrections have been made so it can be used now.

There it is guys, it is up to you.. Lets make this happen.. Please post comments, suggestions, event ideas (knife only) or anything else you like..

Here is the link to the new version of the TLN Battlefield 1 emblem.


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  1. I am interested in joining this team. My psn is A_Menace_2_All. I am new to BF1 level 1. Saw post on forums.

  2. I’d be up for setting up parties on Saturdays whenever I can

  3. Whats up to the Best group ever !!!! TLN.

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