TLN is Hiring !!!

January 11, 2017 in Website

Yes, you read that right.. We are hiring… We need to have our website rebuilt in HTML5… So, we are looking for either a progamer or web designer with HTML experience. References and or portfolio required.  If either you or someone you know has the skills needed to help TLN take our website to the next step.. Please post to this job posting or contact me: [email protected] for complete details.. 

Spread the word, we are serious about getting this up and running in 2017.. Are you the one to be the 1st TLN employee?? We’ll find out.. 

5 responses to TLN is Hiring !!!

  1. I know nothing about website design… if you want it broken i can take the job bwhahaha

  2. sweet and good luck !

  3. ik some people back when i was a system admin who job was in our company to do website design and publishing if you would like me to reach out to the individuals and see if they are interested?

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