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So, I’ve been racking my brain on how to bring TLN members new and old back together gaming with one another often. Well, as much as many of us miss the old days of MAG when their could be 15-20 TLN in the same game at the same time every night.

Unfortunately, times they are a changing. I come online and with over 400+ people on my friends list, I commonly see more than 100+ friends on at any given time. Thing is, they are often playing other games that are not necessarily on my preferred list at the time. I believe that gaming as we know it has changed and this has left communities such as ours splintered along game preferences.

Now, I have most of the games people are playing such as Battlefield 1, Planetside 2, Destiny, Rainbox Six Siege, Rocket League, Titanfall, GTA and so on and so on. Now we all know the best thing about being TLN is gaming with others who want to play the game the right way and as a team. Thing is we all get comfortable and accept playing these games as a small group and we loose the benefit of being part of a larger community which you all are. We can change that a bit to suit how or where we use the size of our community to enjoy our favorite games more.

With the exception of RB6 all the other games mentioned can handle large or larger teams. Some games such as BF1, Planetside 2 and Titanfall have online components where our community can become a dominate force to be dealt with. With games like RB6 or The Division we can use our collective bad ass members to take over competitive players and participate in competitive matches. WE HAVE THE TALENT to do this guys we really do.

So how can we make this work just a little better to get the best part of online gaming, (PEOPLE) together? What I am proposing is a weekly gaming schedule. A schedule of game nights across the spectrum of games we all play.

Now, I believe I’ve listed all the preferred games of people on my friends list, but I am sure there are some others.. Post them here.. What we would have is each night of the week would be a set game group up night.. A time is set, people set their chat rooms to a certain way, along with associated TLN PSN Communities pages. This way on any given night any member can have an idea of who will be playing what game and where to find other TLN to play that game.

Now, sure it seems like a bit of a hassle but it really isn’t ! Once it is set up it and if you all take the short time to get use to grouping this way. You will never again say, I need people to group with in whatever game. Nor, will you ever need to find other people interested in this or that game even if you’ve never played it before. Then there is the who is kicking the shit out of whoever or whatever you run into online or in a game. Currently, we have established game nights for Battlefield 1 and Planetside 2.. See the calendar on the left side or your screen for more details.

This is an open proposal to every TLN member, as always feedback and comments are requested and encouraged.. 

Please take the time to discuss this idea among your collective gaming friends and keep the TLN community going now and on into the future. 

Thanks for reading

RocketRob99 Community Leader (TLN) Talon Strike Force- Stay Talon, Stay Strong !



12 responses to TLN Weekly Game NIGHTS IDEA?

  1. I like this idea and it’s something I’ve suggested before but never ran with. For me, I like BF1 but I find I need to have a good squad or more with me for me to enjoy it. Lately I’ve been frustrated by randoms in all games but especially BF1. My go to game is obviously RB6. I love the quickness of it and we get a tight squad almost nightly. For example last night our boys ran 4 ranked matches back to back and we won all 4!! One game we were down 3-1 and stormed all the way back to win 6-5 in overtime! Love it!! Anyway, my fall back game for when I need a shooter break is Rocket League. I’d love to see thise three incorporated into a weekly schedule. Now that being said, some nights I get online and just really don’t feel like playing a certain game (all about mindset and anger level before gaming!! Lol) so that just means I may not play what the group is playing or is scheduled to play, no big deal. It would just be nice to know that, for example, oh today is Monday and it’s Rocket League night, maybe I can start a lobby and get 8 guys to mess around in a private match or find two more and jump into 3v3 and stomp the PC guys! I like the idea I support it. Maybe we could even take it as far as having a mini sign up forneavh event??

    • Thanks CFD.. With an established game night you will know there will be TLN in this game on whatever night is set for it.
      As far as BF1 buddy, you have to roll with me.. I almost never run alone now, once I set up the chat it runs with people every night.. Sure some nights there are more and some nights there are less.. But, when you know Saturday is BF1 night, there is no guessing, you know there will be 8, 10, 15 TLN on, it makes you feel more confident that you will have a good gaming session.

      There is nothing like getting into a game, with a good group of guys communicating working on the Victory.. Keep the discussion going in the RB6 group about what night you guys would like? What other things you guys would want to do to promote TLN in that game.. Then the hard part, sharing the feeback..

      • I’ve already told the RB6 gang that we should starting rolling BF1 Saturday nights and I believe most if not all were for it! I’ve been busy the last few Saturdays so I haven’t been on, but I intend to be there!! Maybe some sort of Facebook or email splash on the group up days, like “Tonight is TLN BF1 night!! Be there!!”

        • Yea, we can do the FB schedule thing, but you guys have to support it or otherwise it is a waste. What about RB6 any talk of going competitive?? There are ladders for that game I am pretty sure.. What say you?

          • We’ve got a solid squad but I’m not sure we’d survive the brackets. We could try it though for sure. We just need more practice.

            • See I think you guys need to think a little bigger than just a squad. How do you handle nights when there is more than 5 people? Setting a night for others to group with you guys may prove helpful as you today’s noob, is tomorrows top dog. So, this will allow you guys to perhaps pic up another TLN member so the squad itself expands.

  2. Also, I was advised of a game I missed off my list of preferred games.. Overwatch could also be a title we look to set up.. Also this is for PC players too, however PC guys will need to let us know what games you’re playing or that are popular now..

  3. I like this idea, although in my time zone there are not a lot of people anymore during my playtime so its difficult. BUT……..
    My go to game is Destiny, i just like the format of this game, its not so grindy anymore, you still grind but there are more ways to get to max light and i am on every tuesday and friday. Streaming whatever i do.
    With BF1 i will try and always be on, saturday nights. I will stream this everytime i am on……..actually everytime i play i stream live on youtube LOL
    I don’t really play any other games as i don’t have/make time anymore. But i might get into For Honor, that multiplayer from what i have seen should be fun and its different than shooting all the time.

    • Yep, see you need to try recruiting the guys you game with when you are on. Send chat invites, get them going in TLN and that solves that.. As far as streaming, always love to see TLN rolling in every game.. What is the time that works for you Tech, we can set the date and time for the Community group in any game to whatever Time we want?

      Then we just need to fill it. Yes a challenge but a starting point ! See how the idea works?

  4. Sounds good it would be great to have a ton of TLN on the same team for BF1 an jus totally destroy the other team like I remember on bf3 an for GTA there’s a lot of ways to make $ now an also I’m a rank 408 an can help out with anyone thts still interested in tht game…jus ask any questions about GTA an I can tell u if ya wanna know tht is lol.

  5. If there was a calendar, especially something dynamic, it’d be a great help. I mean, I’m pretty boring these days, mostly just playing Titanfall when I’m on for a few hours, but I’d love to get other TLN players into the network sometime.

  6. for me i havnt been playing allot of games outside of overwatch on ps4 and diablo/eve online on pc idk if im interested in bf1 i never got interested in ps2 although many attempts were made destiny i got fed up with and no longer play but yeah thats me right now waiting for the next game im interested in.

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