February 22, 2017 in Clan


In case you haven’t heard Ghost Recon Wildlands is holding a open beta test on this new version of an old favorite. Although I was invited and did play the closed test, I never did get hooked up with TLN and I feel I missed something and didn’t get a chance to experience this game enough.

The Beta TEST runs from tomorrow Thursday February 23rd till Monday February 27th. Now one of the cool things about this beta test is you can pre-load the game before the beta begins.

See this link for details.

My copy finished loading last night, so I am ready to go.. Here are some videos which highlight the title pretty well.

Squading Up

We will use the standard form group up set up. Name your Chat TLN-Ghost or some formation there of.. We will try to see if we can test beyond just one squad, we will test all the game modes and such as well as standard Co-Op play.. We are also encouraging players to Live Stream so we can watch different aspect of each others gameplay.

As always comments, thoughts, suggestions or ideas, please post it here or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Stay Talon, Stay Strong

Remember -We FIGHT as MANY, we WIN as ONE !!


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