Taloncast Episode #31

April 18, 2017 in Clan, Taloncast

Taloncast Episode 31

Hey Talon Strike Force members, well it has been a while since we’ve done a Taloncast. Here is our community podcast on several updates to Battlefield 1 and other stuff.

Taloncast Episode 31


We are considering doing a weekly podcast which would be 59 minutes long with background gamplay videos. We would like some feedback and ideas on podcast topics and volunteers for member or friends to appear as guests. Please post your ideas and or interest in being a guest.

Discussed in podcast. 


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  1. Great taloncast!

    On BF1 i agree with most things you said…i have to say that premium to me sounds like a rip off cause basically you play for your DLCs in advance…premium should give me some discount. This is why i didn’t get it this time.
    Love it that there is a DLC sharing type feature for us cheap-ass bastards that don’t have the DLCs, LMFAO

    I didn’t get in my car and get Red dead redemption cause my PS3 is at my old house….they say its great i always thought it was a GTA clone..but i guess its better. RDR 2 i don’t know i have to use my money a bit more smart now.. 😉
    What i have seen is that Overwatch is a game we should be in…like siege its a very strategy oriented shooter with a twist…i enjoy it very much and think we could be a force in there. Titanfall 2 looked really good, but i decided not to get it ….. didn’t know if i was going to put time into it…

    What i am actually waiting for is Destiny 2 of course 😀
    Haven’t seen any other game coming down the line that is interesting for us…For Honor seemed like a change from the FPS for us…but after playing some of the beta it has really turned me off….

    The weekly podcast is not a bad idea, time and effort is indeed the issue or even stuff to cover. But there is a lot we could be together with the talon chill stream idea i had/was doing….

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