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Talon Strike Force Podcast Series

Introducing a new community wide activity

Starting this weekend, we will be doing a podcast series for all Talon Strike Force members and officers. Each podcast in the series will focus on games our members are currently playing. Each podcast will be hosted by RocketRob99 and will feature TLN member/officers from each game in the TLN catalog and many that are not. We will discuss the good, the bad and the future for each title in the series. We will look at what our officer and members like about these games and what they would like to see changed. We will also talk about upcoming or recently released DLC to see what our membership feels about the direction of the game they love to play.

Now, the podcasts in this series are NOT a form of Taloncast but a more focused podcast. Each podcast will be limited to just under 1 hour in length, with video background of each game be discussed. The video and the audio podcast will be posted to the Talon Strike Force-Youtube Channel and all our social media outlets, for everyone to see and share with their in game friends and the community as a whole.

The series will start with a favorite among many of the long time officers “Rainbow 6-Siege” which will feature TLN Leader and officer CFD_26 & long time member/officer Dreadnaut. The next podcast after this will be on “Destiny”  featuring TLN Leader, Officer, MDO and Clan Warlord Tech-Sarge along with guest CalCalisious aka littlemama. We will move onto other titles, Planetside 2, GTA V and Battlefield 1. Then we will move into titles such as Overwatch, Titanfall and maybe even dare I say it.. Call of Duty.

The idea behind this is to give you and our membership real time review and comment on these titles from real people you know, who play the game and are the best source for information. The second part of this is to introduce the TLN officers and leaders in these games, so you will have someone to help you decide if you want the title or to help you get started.

This activity is open to all TLN members and officers on any game people are interested in at the time. If you would like to suggest a title or would like to be a part of any of the podcasts in the series, please post here or send a private message or email to RocketRob99. He can be reached here on our website, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or even [email protected]. This is open to any video game on PS4. However, if this series becomes a success PC or even Xbox 1 games could be considered for this series.

As with any Community Activity feedback, comment or criticisms are welcome and encouraged.. Please share this post and idea with your in game or IRL friends. Any existing TLN member may invite other friends to the podcast as long as that friend plays the title being discussed..

Feel free to post your game suggestions below.



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9 responses to TLN Community Podcast Series

  1. Can’t wait for the 1st podcast to be posted 😀

  2. Here is the first “Force Feedback” Podcast-

    • Looks great Rocket!! I like this style of podcast!! Maybe something we could try is having the video put together and then talking while watching the clips?? Your guests were amazing!! 😉

      • what you mean i wasn’t there :p

      • @cfd_26 Yea, we could do that but that would take a lot of pre-production. Providing the clips is the hardest part of that.. I found this to be true with Episode # 2 and Episode #3 in post-production now. We could do that as a stream overlay maybe?? So, you like the title screens?? Sorry about that 1 last clip audio..

  3. these first two have been good discussions. keep it up!
    Ive got some juicy clips of BF1 games ive had recently

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