(TLN) Talon Strike Force Podcast Series-“Force Feedback”

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(TLN) Talon Strike Force- “Force Feedback” Podcast Series

Welcome everyone, when speaking with some long time members recently, we learned that many people were unaware of our “Force Feedback” podcasts. So, in order to give you all one place to see the first 3 in the series we thought it best to put them all in one place besides the TLN Youtube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdxl8MyiTwL17xfsNF43iYw
Here are the videos. We are looking for TLN members and friends to submit new videos for upcoming episodes for Destiny 2, GT Sport, BF1, RB6 Siege, Funny or outrageous GTA5 clips or any other game you are currently or are interested in playing. You can submit your videos here or to RocketRob99 on the website, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or even directly via Youtube. If you would like to participate in the recording of the podcast, post here. 
On with the show !

Feel free to post comments, criticism or suggestions either here or on the video at Youtube. All posts will be answered. 


4 responses to (TLN) Talon Strike Force Podcast Series-“Force Feedback”

  1. Let me know when you’re thinking of doing the Destiny 2 video and i will make sure i have some clips for you. If i can i will be present.

    • Tech, I am ready now.. We need enough clips to support 1 hour of video.. I would prefer to get clips from more than one source.. So if you know others are playing D2 to send me their clips too.. I am on vacation from Dec 15th so anytime after that util the New Year we can do the podcast.

      • ok, sorry for the late response, but i will talk to pazesd and dreadnaught about this, i would say they have enough clips to make good.
        Also i assume from last time that you need PS4 clips not youtube clips as you couldn’t use the clips i send you

        • Yes, that is correct.. I need the raw video data file. This way I can edit for length and content. I found a pretty good free PC video editor that works with PS4 files. So, it is easier now for me to do the post-production.

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