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Project CARS review

May 23, 2015 in PlayStation, Racing, Reviews

Hey guys! Another chapter in racing games has just begun! Project CARS (sometimes will be referred as PC) is the latest racing game to hopefully provide people the need for speed they crave. Before I get started, I want to go ahead and say if you haven’t already you should definitely check out Rocketrob’s 1st […]

TLN’s Planetside 2- Factions

February 20, 2015 in Clan, Console, Featured, Other, PlayStation, Tech and Game News

  Hey TLN, with the release of the next wave of Planetside 2 beta keys. We wanted to answer a few questions about the factions in PS2 and where TLN will run. As noted in the last Planetside 2 news post here on the TLN website. We asked all the TLN members to vote on […]

Making your Video Gamer Persona?

February 17, 2015 in Clan, Featured, Other, PlayStation, Reviews, Tech and Game News

  With the onset of the new TLN Community activity in Battlefield 4 (TLNs “Trollin Tuesdays”) we started to wonder why more people do not use the “Share” feature on their PS4s. Sure, there are many reasons a person would not use this feature. But, at the same time there are many reasons to use […]

The Evolution of the Taloncast

December 22, 2014 in Featured, Other, Taloncast

Someone mentioned to me Rocket, love your podcasts and then went on to say how much he enjoyed them. He said that he had listened to some old ones as well and how many people had come by to be part of the different Taloncasts. He agrees the best ones are when we had guests. […]

Talon Strike Force 4th Anniversary

November 7, 2014 in Clan, Console, Featured, Other, Website

Can you believe it another year has passed and here were are again? November 6th.. Can’t believe another year has rolled on by. We’ve seen a lot of changes in Talon over the last year.. New consoles, new games and new challenges. The officers and I had talked on different things we could do for […]

Question for TLN members with PS4?

August 27, 2014 in Clan, Console, Featured, Other, PlayStation

Hey guys, I wanted to ask a question of all Talon Strike Force members with Playstation-4   Okay, if not, why not?? I am just curious, there are a fair number of TLN people with PS4 but I really don’t see anyone using the Share features the PS4 offers. What’s your opinion??  

“SharePlay” The Game Changer for PS4

August 19, 2014 in Clan, Console, Featured, Other, PlayStation, Tech and Game News

Yep, it’s is finally happening.. If you were waiting for that one thing that the PS-4 was missing for you to go buy one this is it.. Don’t take my word for it.. Read this article posted today. Sony Has A New Feature Coming For The PS4 That Will Bury The Xbox One DAVE SMITH […]

TLN-Member Message

July 25, 2014 in Clan, Featured, Games, Website

Happy Friday Everyone. We are making this post to advise everyone of a Community-wide email that has been sent out. This message was sent to every single person who has ever applied to become a (TLN) Talon Strike Force member. We want to assure everyone that this message was sent with the best interest of […]

Final Fantasy XiV: A Realm Reborn Part 1

July 25, 2014 in Console, Other, PC, PlayStation, Reviews, Tech and Game News

What’s going on Talon’s and welcome to a lengthy series starting with a review of Square Enix’s latest MMO outing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.   Before we get into the review, a little backstory on the game. Originally the game came out nearly 3 years ago, under the title of Final Fantasy XIV, […]

TLN’s YouTube Channel

July 6, 2014 in Console, Featured, Other, Reviews, Tech and Game News, Website

We would like to take a moment and ask all members to please subscribe to the (TLN) Talon Strike Force YouTube Channel.. Please click this link subscribe today !! With the onset of new ways to share our gaming experiences emerge and as our community continues to grow. We thought it would be nice […]