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Applying to join TLN

If you are interested in joining the clan, complete and submit the Registration Form below.

After applying:

  • Your application will be reviewed by a TLN Member Development Officer.
  • If your application is accepted, your website access will be approved by a website Administrator and you will be able to access all the community features of the site. This may take up to 24 hours.

If your application was rejected:

  • Your website access will be not be approved.
  • The TLN Member Delopment Officer will inform you of the exact reason why your application was denied.
  • If you can contact the MDO with the required information within a week, you account will be approved.
  • After a week, your account will be deleted. You may re-apply when you feel that you meet the requirements outlined in your membership denial.


If the below form doesn’t display correctly, please update your web browser.

Your username should be the same as your PSN-ID if you have one.

Your Username must NOT contain spaces!!!

If a required name/id field does not apply to you, enter N/A.

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