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    I refer to myself in third person, therefor I am cool. I’m making this thread to allow me (and anyone else, for that matter) a place to casually comment on weapons/vehicles/anything BF4 related as I (we) experience them. I attempted something similar for BF3, but suffered from my inability to write anything but full on reviews; this caused the process to be very boring and time consuming because I despise writing anything in sections, and insisted on finishing every review in one sitting, making it tedious. I want to keep my writing style short and casual so it doesn’t feel like a chore to type something up. Feel free to comment on anything :D.

    (I didn’t post this in the BF4 Group because I want to be able to find this information easily if need be.)

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    I’ve been playing a hefty sum of TDM and Domination to break up all the Conquest, and decided to try out the PDWs. Beginning with the UMP, I then unlocked this and gave it a whirl. 1000RPM sounds devastating, and it delivers. This beast of a weapon shreds ANYONE at close range. After learning the recoil patterns and throwing on a Muzzle Break, Ergo Grip, and Laser Sight, CQC performance was some of the best I’ve seen in a shooter. The ONLY thing that can bring me down within close-range is a pump-action with faster twitch shooting than myself (I’ve yet to be killed by one), or 3+ enemies with moderately decent aim firing at once. It doesn’t end there, as you would naturally assume that the RoF would render it useless at medium-long range, yet it performs surprisingly well at medium range if you have good recoil management and tap firing capabilities. It’s reload speed rivals the M16 and keeps you spraying insane amounts of ammunition within seconds. The only downside I’ve discovered so far is the constant need for more ammunition. I could only average around 9 or so kills before having to kit-switch or go pistol only. Despite this, probably half of my deaths in TDM while using this weapon were simply caused by an absence of ammunition, and not me actually losing a firefight with the CZ. It obviously won’t perform as well on larger maps, but will make you cackle with laughter as you wipe squads in TDM and Domination. Give it a try and enter the underrated world of PDWs. This is the 2nd weapon in BF4 that I’ve mastered.

    Upcoming Topic:AEK-971

    “You know what I am tired of.. South Americans !!!!!!!”–RocketRob 2014
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    Great info Extreme, I am looking forward to your future installments.. Nice signature BTW

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    Hey look, I’m actually updating this.


    I unlocked the AEK within the first hours of playing BF4 due to using almost exclusively the Assault class. Being curious about how DICE had changed it, I switched over from the AK-12. My first gut reaction was “Wow, this gun is awful now,” but I was wildly mistaken. After exclusively playing with the AK-12, I had become accustomed to easy recoil management and full-auto bursts at long range, as these are what the AK excels at. The AEK is a whole different beast, and actually requires players to alter their play style to remain effective. The way that DICE tweaked the AEK and similar high DPS weapons really shows they knew what they were doing, as BF4 currently has the best hand-held weapon balance I’ve seen so far. The AEK has had a pretty major recoil increase, so what makes it even worth using? Spread and suppression. One thing that I’ve noticed is that firing on the move with slow ROF can drastically drop your accuracy, which is the main attribute of something like the AK-12. Though you absolutely must stand still while bursting the AEK at range, I feel like it penalizes you much less for moving and firing within short-medium distances. Alongside this, the severe loss of suppression effect means that you can still do fairly well at range with short bursts, patience, and trigger control, without having your rounds come out at a 45 degree angel because a “sniper” missed you by 20 feet. DICE has enlarged the gap between high ROF and low ROF weapons significantly, allowing them BOTH to excel when used with a certain mindset and play style; this is one of the areas where BF4 really shines. Where in BF3 you could use any of the ARs for fairly long range shots (discounting the FAMAS) as long as you could control the recoil, which really just made low ROF weapons a crutch for those that couldn’t keep their bullets out of the sky. I use the AEK with Angled Grip+Muzzle Break+Laser to tame the vertical recoil it a bit. Though the AEK/M16/M416 trifecta no longer reigns supreme, you can still mow down a handful of AK-12s at point blank range in the blink of an eye.

    “You know what I am tired of.. South Americans !!!!!!!”–RocketRob 2014
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    not bad milsim not bad loving it

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    Excellent points Extreme on the AEK… I picked it up and put it down just as quickly.. I found that I really couldn’t be too effective with this weapon. It’s recoil is a killer and ruins any boost you get from rate of fire. All your points on accuracy and combat use were spot on, so nothing more to add there.

    I believe you’re right the AK-12 is a better all purpose weapon.. However, I preface that by saying that for accuracy take a look at the Aug which at medium to long rang cannot be beat in the AR class.. I am running the ACE now and I can say it is also pretty close if not the best all around AR. Hit targets at ore than 100 meters with no scope, even the bullet drop is minimal at distance.

    Please review the ACE next..

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    FN P90

    All I can say is: “What were you thinking DICE?” The P90 falls right in line with weapons such as the RFB and JS2 as some of the most awful weapons in the game. Despite how well balanced the ARs/Carbines/LMGs are, the PDW class possess’ essentially a handful of weapons that will completely outperform other PDWs. The P90 has become one of those “others.” It really feels like DICE made a little sheet of paper with tweaks to the gun based on it’s dominance in BF3, then found the paper a month later and thought “Oh, this did much too well in BF3, we’ll need to weaken it a tad.”, thereby destroying a beloved PDW.

    …….Is that enough complaining? Fine, I’ll actually put some effort into this. The P90 is categorized as one of the “high-capacity” PDWs, meaning it trades damage for magazine capacity. That makes some legitimate sense, right? It would, but unfortunately you begin with only 3 full magazines of ammunition. This means not only does it take more rounds to kill, which increases your chances of death in-and-of-itself, but you also run out of ammo quicker than if you were using essentially any other PDW. Fortunately, it has a nice damage output with 900RPM, unfortunately, it also has recoil values that rival those of an LMG. It exhibits almost as much recoil as the 1000RPM 4-shot kill CZ-3A1. To put in into perspective, the BF3 P90 had somewhere around HALF the total recoil deviation of the “new” P90; with the first shot multiplier increasing from 2x to 3x. It does have a tighter base spread than all the other PDWs, but that doesn’t help when so many of your shots are simply off-target due to recoil. I used suppressor+laser sight to try and score some kills form flanking, but often got sprayed down by anyone who turned to see me as I seemingly pumped an entire magazine into their teammate.

    I’m holding off on mastering this one until it (hopefully) gets a needed buff. I think DICE could balance it by making the first shot recoil extremely low and slightly removing some of the horizontal recoil. Alongside this, drastically increasing the P90s bullet speed could make it a great and versatile PDW. Considering FN actually invented a new round just for the P90 (and 5-7 later on) that was designed to penetrate body armor and cover with an insanely fast muzzle velocity (around 3000 ft/s for some rounds), the measly 1400 ft/s it has in BF4 is a little silly.

    (I’m taking a break from BF4 for a week or so to beat Resistance with a friend and try out Bad Company 2 Multiplayer, so I’ll have to write about weapons that I’ve already used enough to have an opinion on.)

    Next Topic: ACE-23

    “You know what I am tired of.. South Americans !!!!!!!”–RocketRob 2014
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    Extreme, I agree with your review of the P-90 the PP-2000 is a much better PDW… You brought out some excellent points on the P-90..

    As I am using the ACE right now.. Can’t wait for your review of that weapon.

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    P90 Update:

    So I may have been a little harsh regarding the P90. I read a comment on Lvlcap’s channel that stated something along the lines of “The P90 may have awful accuracy, but I use it hip-fire only and it performs well.” I remembered that the P90 had the best hip-fire out of all the PDWs, so I shed the suppressor and went laser sight only yesterday. Here are a few of my rounds:





    As you can see, it’s not quite as terrible as I had originally believed. I got around 3/4 of my kills hip-firing, and my team was constantly dropping ammo, so I had plenty of rounds to spare. The teams were fairly balanced, so I don’t believe I was being carried. There’s a chance that it was tweaked with the new patch considering DICE can pretty much change anything on the fly now without telling. The huge netcode improvement may also contribute.

    Based on this new evidence, the P90 can be a good performer IF USED PROPERLY. I would place it high on my list of fun weapons to use. I wasn’t originally patient enough with it and tried to force it to work in situations that it wasn’t designed for. I had to extensively adjust my normal PDW play style to do well. This mainly involved staying in very CQC while still playing slightly defensive and extremely twitchy. If I knew an enemy was coming around a corner, I would stand and wait while anticipating their path as they came around, as this allowed me to take advantage of just hip-firing instead of having to line up a sight picture like my opponents. I could also use the lack of a suppressor to bait enemies into situations where I could easily shred them to pieces as they attempted to sight up while I could simply hold the trigger and laugh. Surprisingly, the spread stays tight nearing medium range; just remember that spread increases with each shot, just like when you ADS. This also means that tap-firing is highly effective at these farther out ranges. I’m so accustomed to quick reloads that I often found myself dying because of reloading after only using 15 rounds on an enemy, then getting sprayed down by his buddy while reflexively reloading. You should be able to get an easy 2-3 kills off each magazine as long as you play smart and ONLY HIP-FIRE.

    I’d say pick up the P90 if you want a challenge, it’ll either be really enjoyable or really frustrating, but that depends on the player. I’ll be hip-firing this one all the way to mastery.

    @rocketrob99: I’m finishing up the HK416 so that I can dual-review it and the ACE because I feel like they are very similar.

    The semester is over now, so I should have more time to game and type. Hopefully I’ll be able to pump out a few of these over the break.

    “You know what I am tired of.. South Americans !!!!!!!”–RocketRob 2014
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    Well, my original plan to put out new content was torn to pieces by a little, glossy black box known as a PS4. Apparently I wasn’t fully prepared for how much free time I would spend playing around with it, so I almost entirely forgot about the website. Sorry.
    ACE 23

    Ahhh, the battle of the noob cannons. The current “easy mode” champion, the M416, could lose it’s throne to the newcomer ACE 23!

    Joking aside, NEITHER of these weapons are OP; they’re both very balanced rifles that can succeed in balanced situations. The 416 will lose to a skilled AEK up close, and the ACE 23 will lose to an skilled AK-12 at range. It’s that simple. Being common doesn’t equal being too deadly.

    ACE 23

    First up is the main culprit: the ACE 23. I can safely say that by the time I actually used this weapon, it had already been touted as “the best” by many a Youtube videos and forum posts. I was excited to see what the buzz was about, and it mostly lived up to it’s name. I can vouch for it’s ease-of-use, which is really the ACE’s strongest feature. You use the weapon, and you get kills; it’s as simple as that. I will say that it felt less accurate than I was expecting. On that note, the recoil was almost always mild enough for longer bursts (5-7 rounds) at the far end of medium range. As the RoF lingers around that of the M16 of olden days, you can expect similar results at close-medium range, but the long range capabilities fall a good bit short of the BF3 M16, which reinforces my belief that this weapon is perfectly balanced among the other ARs. The horizontal pull can be a bit strange sometimes, but it generally tends to center itself a couple times within a burst, helping you to stay on target. The reload is a zippy 2.1, but the long reload being a whole second longer can be an issue if you run completely dry (which happens more often than you would think, but more on that later.) It also has one of the faster muzzle speeds out of all the ARs, which essentially removes the need for leading shots at any conventional ranges; this plays a large part in the general “feel” of the weapon. It makes it feel like it just drops people faster than anything else, when your bullets are simply travelling faster, which leads to the actual kill happening quicker after you fire off a burst. I did find myself using more rounds than I was comfortable with for longer ranged targets, which oftentimes led to the 3 second long reload that comes with using an entire magazine. I definitely enjoyed my time with the ACE, and will probably spend plenty of time with it after mastering all of the ARs; it just feels good. Pick this up if you want an easy to learn weapon that performs well at all ranges, but really shines in those medium distance encounters. My preferred ACE loadout was: Coyote+Stubby Grip+Muzzlebreak (though a compensator might do better.)

    (NOTE: I’m unsure if its the weapon is at fault or myself, but I felt like I actually developed bad habits from using the ACE for too long. I seemed to let the gun carry me a bit more, I’m not completely sure what caused this, but it’s something to note.)


    In a similar situation as the AEK, the first time you use the M416 will leave a bad impression. What you’ll immediately notice is that it feels difficult to keep your bursts on target. It initially felt impossible to use at medium to long range. Why was this? It’s because the 416 has a very average first shot recoil multiplier (2.2 x), accompanied by an also average RoF, the strong vertical kick seems to throw off any remaining rounds within a burst. The muzzle velocity is also fairly average. How does the 416 shine? Tap-firing. That is the simple answer that turns the 416 from an “okay” weapon into an all-range killing machine. After developing my playstyle for it, I only ever held the trigger for engagements <5 Meters. The weapon stays very accurate out to extreme ranges when using 2 shot bursts. The 2 shot burst is what I trained myself to use, and it felt very similar to the AN-94 in that I could always control how many shots were being fired, which led to very few rounds ever missing. Alongside this, the 1.8 second reload time allows you to easily down several targets at medium distance with hardly a break. The 416 takes it’s spot as my most efficient AR yet, meaning I feel like I use the smallest amount of rounds to down my targets while still killing them quickly. Shy of an AEK or FAMAS touting enemy, It always did well enough in CQC to justify the average RoF. The recoil is essentially vertical with a decent amount of pull to the right; if you use the 2 round burst method, the horizontal recoil will never be an issue. My preferred M416 loadout was: Kobra+Angled Grip+Flash hider.


    The M416 has a noticeable edge over the ACE 23, but ONLY when the user knows how to handle it properly. It has a slightly lower base spread (more accurate), faster reload, and a more predictable recoil (this is important). While the ACE does have less first shot recoil, but the M416 has less vertical recoil after the first shot. The ACE has a more balanced horizontal recoil, which makes it easier to use, but also easier to miss shots. The statistics have completely validated what I felt in-game: the ACE is a weapon that will net you some easy kills, but the M416 almost completely outperforms it with little effort into the 416’s learning curve. The M416 remains my favorite AR in the game, with the ACE coming somewhere in the top 3.

    I’ve recently been distracted with other PS4 titles such as Warframe and AC4, but I’m trying to jump back into BF4 to try some new weapons. I already mastered the FAMAS with astounding success, so that’ll be my next review as I work on this Scar-H. I hear it’s good.

    Next Topic: FAMAS

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    Hey Extreme,

    Even though I don’t play BF4, I really like these gun reviews – keep it up, people might not want to interrupt what you’ve written, but I’m sure like me ,they are also reading what you are writing.

    I’m also impressed with the level of detail that you notice with the different AR’s.

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    Extreme.. Kudos man, tons of useful info… Next up the AUG-A3?? Just as in BF3, I like this weapon but it too has its draw back.. I would like to hear your thoughts?

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    I like the fact that you actually explain what the best way of using these weapons are, useful for me who normally doesn’t tap to fire. Keep it up Extreme!!!

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    good in-depth reviews extreme! its nice understanding what makes each gun unique and useful.
    now you know what im going to ask but…..I would like you to review a shotgun or two lol.

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    WOW Extreme, all I can say is a big fat WOW! This review/your opinion about all this guns is very true! I see where you are coming from and what they offer, and I dont even have BF4 yet… 😀 As soon as I get it I want a match with all of you guys!

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    (Really, just don't ask me about that scope, I'm as clueless as you.)


    I went straight from the 416 to this 1000RPM beast, and it showed. Despite the .2 second faster reload than the BF3 version, you’ll find yourself getting killed by instinctively reloading as you would with the M416/ACE/M16. Once I adapted to the reload, I actually suffered very little from the long reload, as I could always find solid cover after downing a couple enemies in Dom/TDM (which is where I exclusively used the FAMAS.) Coming from a weapon such as the AK-12 or SAR-21 can and will lead to “accuracy deprivation”, which is a very serious problem that isn’t recognized by noobs to this day. It may have side effects such as: missing everything, loss of ammo, getting sniped, raging, missing some more, and using the ACE 23 instead. Seriously, DO NOT expect to do well against anything shy of the AEK at long range. If the enemy is anywhere above the level of “know’s how to push the counter-knife button”, you have a low chance of success. I can’t say I netted more than 10 kills farther out than 50 meters, and these players were extremely dumb, as they remained stationary while I burst-fired my entire magazine to kill one enemy. The “new” FAMAS has significantly more physical recoil than the BF3 version (I’m talking about %30ish more recoil here), so why is it so much better? The answer lay in ADS spread and suppression; the BF4 FAMAS has about %45 less ADS spread than the previous one, which essentially means that the weapon kicks more, but is statistically more accurate when you know how to control the recoil. This is a huge step forward for the FAMAS, as it allows it to perform better within medium range and closer. The fact that suppression is much more balanced also plays into the CQC performance, which is really the only notable feature of the FAMAS.

    I switched directly from the M416 to the FAMAS, so my mentality of tap-firing stayed throughout my use of it, and it absolutely helped. While tap-firing is important in unlocking the abilities with the 416, you WILL NOT hit ANYTHING farther out than 30 feet if you don’t consistently burst this weapon. You cannot control the recoil, you cannot correct your aim; IT IS THAT IMPORTANT. You won’t have a fun time using this weapon in any kind of medium range engagement if you aren’t patient with your shots, which you only have 26 of by-the-way (apparently you only load the same STANAG 5.56 mags that the M16 uses with 26 rounds, just to challenge yourself :(. I generally center my red dot on the crotch of any target farther than 15 meters, and try to use 4-5 round bursts. Even doing this, you’ll find yourself emptying a magazine with 1 kill to show for it. It’s difficult, but what happens when you close the gap to <10 meters?

    They melt. That’s the only way I can describe what happens to those poor souls running towards you. You aim mid-body, lightly nudge the trigger, and get your 100 points. This is why your using the FAMAS. It completes you (I actually laughed while typing this.) The FAMAS IS the fastest killing automatic weapon in the game. The CZ-3A1 also has 1000RPM, but a much slower bullet velocity, which leads to the FAMAS “insta-kill” that it’s well known for. Be confident at these closer ranges, know that this is where you can win against anything shy of a shotgun or above-average skill. I actually managed to trade several times with shotgun users; due to the slow velocity of buckshot, I could rattle off the required 4 rounds before the pellets actually hit me. It can kill an enemy in 0.26 seconds. Pick this one up if you want a difficult challenge that’s awfully rewarding if you can succeed. Preferred loadout was: Coyote+Angled Grip+Suppressor.

    Next Topic-Can I ever stop failing with the Scar-H?

    “You know what I am tired of.. South Americans !!!!!!!”–RocketRob 2014
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    I’m focusing on a couple of more general topics this time; mainly being how I feel the DMRs should be handled, and debunking the anti-counter-knife (lol) argument.

    DMRs: What should be done?

    DMRs are a bit of touchy subject recently, and my in-game experience with them is limited to suffering death from them, among using one a handful of times after picking up a random kit. I’m basing my opinions off of statistics alone, which could skew them slightly. I don’t really know how these guns handle, but I’ve read/heard enough to make an conclusion.

    Why are they “bad”? The statistics between the DMRs are all fairly similar, and they all exhibit major changes from the BF3 version. The most noticeable change being that NONE of BF4’s DMRs are capable of bringing someone from 100 health to 0 health in less than 3 body shots; they all hover around 40 max damage. Alongside this, the minimum damage now hovers around 30, meaning it takes up to 4 shots to down someone at range, which is supposedly where these weapons are intended to shine. This needs to be changed, but it also needs to be handled carefully. The best way for the DMRs to be balanced for their intended roles (damage wise) would involve raising the max damage to 49, and the headshot multiplier to 2.2x, which would allow a one-shot kill in the head at close range. The minimum damage can then be raised to 35 so that they remain a 3-shot kill at long range, and become a 2-shot kill with a headshot. This, along with stretching the damage drop-off to 100M with a nice smooth drop, would balance the DMRs all on its own. It would give them a certain consistency that players would enjoy.

    Alongside their current low damage, they have considerably more recoil than they did in BF3. Having recently shot an SKS, which doesn’t even fire the largest round of all the DMRs, I can vouch for them having a fair amount of kick. At least enough that I couldn’t rattle off shots near as accurately as I had hoped. I think DMRs are accurate enough in BF4, so that shouldn’t be touched. The significant recoil will hopefully steer people away from using them in CQC. Speaking of…

    They need to be more capable in CQC, but SHOULD NOT win against ARs and PDWs. I have no idea why people assume that these weapons should actually work well within close-range, because they shouldn’t. That’s why they are Designated Marksman Rifles and not simply semi-automatic ARs. The actual application of a DMR involves staying close to friendlies with more capable close-range weapons, and supporting them when encountering farther out targets. They can even be used as counter-sniper weapons in certain situations. It seems as though the majority of the BF4 community more so believes they should just be easy-to-use sniper rifles that also have killing power at close range, but I remember exactly how well that worked out in the Close Quarters maps. For those that argue for “realism” when it comes to their CQC performance: It would be impressive to see someone sweeping rooms and checking corners with a 4 foot long 11 lb. SVD Dragunov.

    (Note: I don’t think the SKS or QBU need to be nerfed or buffed in any way. They fulfill their roles as mid-range high ROF weapons already.)


    The argument against counter-knifing was fairly popular when BF4 released, but has recently transferred over to complaining about netcode and DMRs. This doesn’t make it any less ridiculous. Knifing is essentially a satisfying way of showing someone that they need better situational awareness. It’s agitating for the victim and rewarding for the killer. Even in situations where I’ve been knifed after killing off an entire squad to only have an enemy spawn behind me, it was still my fault for not reacting fast enough. Here are some of the arguments against counter-knifing that I’ve seen:

    #1. “It’s just too easy!”

    #2. “They should make it a random button prompt so that it’s harder to do.”

    #3. “The counter-knife should end with a draw where both players survive but only have their pistols.”

    These all sound pretty solid, right? Lets summarize exactly what all the arguments against counter-knifing are saying in a more logical way.

    “I want to be able to push a single, predictable button and win a 1 vs 1 close-range firefight that I was probably going to die from. I do not want the other player to be able to also push a single button and kill me during a firefight that they were winning. I want the other player to have a higher chance of dying than me (even if I was at 1% health), or have to push a random button when I only tapped the normal “knife” button.”

    Now how ridiculous does that sound? I’ll let you decide. I’ve only been counter-knifed twice, once when my finger slipped and I accidentally knifed during a encounter that I was winning, and another time when I used the very last of my ammo on an enemy as someone spawned on him, so I just tried to panic knife. What are your opinions on counter-knifing?

    “You know what I am tired of.. South Americans !!!!!!!”–RocketRob 2014
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    I haven’t done an update in awhile, mainly because I’ve really been enjoying Assassins Creed: Black Flag. On that note, I’ve had my PS4 for around a month now, so I’m just going to summarize my thoughts one of the main PS4 games I’ve played thus far.

    I’ll list some impressions I’ve had about the game in no particular order:

    –The graphics are good, but it’s pretty obvious that it was developed for PS3 and upscaled to 1080p for the PS4. There are some occasional sharpness issues; the game would benefit from half-decent anti-aliasing. Everything else is vibrant and pretty. There is some pop-in issues that sometimes become very severe, as enemies will fade in only 10 feet away from you, but I’ve only encountered it to that severity twice. The frame rate is high enough for this style of game, but it is pretty stable, even in large cities. The loading screens are long enough and frequent enough to be agitating at times.

    –Coming from someone who hasn’t paid much attention to previous AC games: the story is good enough for an action game. The pacing is well done and I’m a sucker for Pirate talkin’. The lip syncing and facial animations are…decent, at best. I really enjoy most of the characters, but my biggest gripe here is that the guy you play as (Edward Kenway) is so horribly shallow and dumb that I really wish I could play as Blackbeard or James Kidd instead.

    –There are stupid sequences where you play as a siphon character from the First Person perspective and explore the Abstergo building that where you work. You’re supposed to be someone who is playing the “Black Flag” series on his Abstergo issued personal Animus. These sequences are boring, simplistic, and just plain dull. You’ll wonder how you got from slaying the Navy alongside Blackbeard to picking up messages from a coffee stand and connecting your tablet to an elevator.

    –The free-running is fairly decent. I find it overly sticky, and often see myself jumping to the wrong object and falling off of buildings, and this is after about 25 hours of gameplay. It works smoothly in the less populated and forested areas, but having so many objects in the big cities makes it struggle to find what you want to jump to, instead going to what it thinks you maybe want to jump to. I wish they gave the player more precise control over Kenway, that way they could develop the skill of platforming instead of the skill of fighting the somewhat clunky system to make it work.

    –The combat flows much better than the platforming, and it’s fun and satisfying, albeit a tad easy. The combat was challenging enough at the beginning of the game, but the enemies don’t level with you, so you can pretty much cheese every combat situation by using loads of smoke bombs, guns (I have 4 holsters), and having the best sword sets in the game. While it IS fun to complete an “escape the area or die” scenario by just turning around and slaying all 40 soldiers that were chasing you within 30 seconds, I doubt it’s what the developers had in mind. Jumping off a roof and assassinating people with the hidden blades is and always will be fun.

    –Customization and leveling is fun but limited. In previous AC games you could purchase several different styles of weapons, whereas in Black Flag the combat revolves around your sword set and pistols, which also happen to be the only things you can really upgrade. I do enjoy the aesthetic changes you can make (because why WOULDN’T I get an all black Privateer outfit for 8000R when I don’t have the first pistol set [that was the first thing I purchased from a store].)

    –I would call the sound design and voice acting “excellent” for an adventure game. I thoroughly enjoy the voices of several side characters, most notably Blackbeard and that fat merchant you meet at the beginning of the game. My favorite voice has to be James Kidd though. The general background music is fairly good, and sounds eerily similar to certain tracks from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. You can have your crew sing shanties while sailing the wide open seas, which are probably some of the most memorable and catchy tracks I’ve heard in modern video games. What would do you do with a drunken sailor? 😀

    All in all I’ve really been enjoying Black Flag, especially since it provides a nice casual respite for when I’ve tired of BF4. I would dare say that it does sidequesting better than any adventure game I’ve played so far. It really is a collectathon, having you jump off trees and climb church towers to get all the little goodies in each town (I’ve actually completed Nasau and Kingston, among some other slightly smaller towns.) You really never run out of objectives when simply moving through areas, which is also a downside when in comes to the storyline. I often found myself ignoring the main missions for hours of playtime due to them simply not being very engaging. It wasn’t until completing around 25% of the main storyline that I actually became interested in the game’s plot.

    I do have some small gripes though: it’s blatantly obvious that the game had very little playtesting, as EVERY SINGLE TIME I run up to a chest that I want to open, Kenway instead decides to jump atop it and do a little jig before I fight him for control and hop off, slowly turn around, and open the darn thing. Considering I’ve completed at least 150 chests so far, it’s not my lack of experience that causes this (although I happens slightly less often now that I have the platforming under control. There’s also a handful of occasions where I actually have to make the platforming system glitch in order to retrieve some animus fragments. I think any game in this style should have at least one dev go through and actually 100% complete it, taking note of anything that annoyed him.

    NOTE: I haven’t been able to play Black Flag for the past week due to an update that prevents the game from loading whatsoever. I’m going to try to uninstall and reinstall, but if I lose my save data, I can assure you that my opinions on this game will drop significantly.

    P.S. Yes, I know this is in the BF4 section, but hopefully I can get away with being off-topic for a little while considering the recent update has made BF4 a complete mess for me on PS4.

    “You know what I am tired of.. South Americans !!!!!!!”–RocketRob 2014
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    i feel the same about AC4 Extreme, i played it on both PS3 and PS4 and to me they looked almost identical. my next big game is Thief at the end of the month, that game, has been made for next gen, so it should be awesome. after that i’m waiting on Infamous to be delivered through my door, which incidentally is the first game i’ve ever bought a limited edition version of, i got the £70 version. which is the steel book, in game content and hat (i needed a new hat all mine are a tad disgusting to say the least) after that full steam ahead until Elder Scrolls Online, followed by Destiny. and thats my 2014 sorted in gaming :p

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    i feel the same about AC4 Extreme, i played it on both PS3 and PS4 and to me they looked almost identical. my next big game is Thief at the end of the month, that game, has been made for next gen, so it should be awesome. after that i’m waiting on Infamous to be delivered through my door, which incidentally is the first game i’ve ever bought a limited edition version of, i got the £70 version. which is the steel book, in game content and hat (i needed a new hat all mine are a tad disgusting to say the least) after that full steam ahead until Elder Scrolls Online, followed by Destiny. and thats my 2014 sorted in gaming :p<br>
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    Mine too.

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    With the recent update I can now play most matches without severe rubberbanding and frame drops (It was mainly Conquest Large that caused this for me.) Which means I’m back on BF4 for the time being. This gives me a chance to talk about something that drastically changed from BF3 to BF4:


    I absolutely ADORED shotguns in BF3. Considering I mastered them all in one go, that’s 3000 shotgun kills in a row (there were at least 6.) Considering the weapon balance in BF3, you would assume that 1 or 2 shottys would be the obvious choice for most players, yet this wasn’t the case; they were all fun to use in some way. The Spas (my top weapon in BF3) worked great with slugs, DAO gave you enough shells to back rage an entire squad, M1014 gave you a ridiculous fire rate, etc. My point is that every single shotgun was fun to use simply because “I’m using a shotgun and you’re about to die.” It was the first shooter that made me actually feel like I’m using a 12G Shotgun as it should be used. The audio, reload animations, and accuracy just tied everything together for me.

    Things are different in BF4, and here are some reasons why:

    #1: BODY ARMOR

    Despite DICE originally saying that Body Armor would only prevent being “quickscoped” by BARs and Shotguns using slugs, it actually just removes 10% of ALL damage taken to the upper body from most weapons. This is already a hilariously bad oversight, as it causes players to take one extra shot from almost every automatic weapon in the game. You know those times when players manage to kill you in a 1v1 fight with only 3-4 health left? That’s due to Body Armor about 99% of the time. It’s even more damaging to weapons such as the M60 and Scar-H, which rely on damage over fire rate. Both of these weapons will require 1 extra round to kill within 8M. If this sounds bad, you might want to sit down. Not only does it remove 10 damage from Slugs, making it require 2 shots at EVERY range, it protects against a whopping 33% of the damage from each buckshot pellet. This was originally considered a glitch, but I’ve yet to hear of it even being mentioned to be patched. That kind of damage loss is massive when you have a RPM of less than 100, which is one of the reasons why many shotgun users are switching to the auto-shottys; to try and make up for the loss in damage with higher ammo counts and more general spraying. I don’t really blame them. You can bypass Body Armor by using Flechette, which I’m not a huge fan of, yet I’m essentially forced to run it to ensure my shots aren’t being eaten by the Defensive perk.

    #2 Accuracy/Netcode

    Considering the speed at which buckshot moves, it suffered arguably more than any other ammo type when the netcode was unpredictable. Notice that I didn’t say “slow” or “fast”, but unpredictable. If your shots were consistently landing behind enemies, then compensating for network speeds would be similar to compensating for muzzle velocity, yet the shifting nature of online hit-detection between matches really affects weapons that use slower moving rounds such as shotguns. As for accuracy differences between Battlefield 3&4: shottys feel slightly less accurate with no choke applied, and almost the same with a modified choke. You might say “well then just use the modified choke and be done with it”, but it’s not that simple; chokes give moving accuracy and hip-fire penalties depending on how tight you try to get the spread (the full choke has the worst penalties.) Considering the range of a shotgun, you’re most often moving when firing. So the real question is: how much are you actually benefiting by tightening your spread when standing still if it produces worst spread while moving?

    #3 Glitches/Bugs

    On top of the general glitch where your rounds produce blood/flinching but no actual damage (which also happens with shotguns), there’s actually a shotty specific glitch that results in the pellets simply not doing anything after leaving the barrel; no damage, no hit-markers, no blood/flinching. Nothing. Considering the accuracy and netcode issues that already plague shotguns, this really pushes players towards auto-shottys yet again to compensate for shots that simply “don’t count.”

    My point here isn’t that shotguns aren’t usable or fun, just that the enjoyment I get from them is much less consistent that it was in BF3. Gone are the days of tearing through squads of enemies one pump at a time, replaced by neutered slugs and buckshot that takes several hits. I think this is a mixture of the general issues BF4 has and DICE choosing stupid balance choices based on the complaints of the average blueberry. People complained about shotguns all the time in BF3; you know why? Because they worked, unlike your average FPS where the pellets disappear at 10 ft. They introduced Body Armor to try to prevent OHKs with shotguns, but that’s what they’re supposed to do, because they’re freaking shotguns. You can eventually get a kill with a pistol at long range, or with a low RPM gun at close range, but the spread of a shotgun means you literally cannot achieve a kill past a certain distance. I think the complaints stem from how everyone adopts the stupidly aggressive playstyle without considering who is behind the cover they approach. The best thing that can happen to shottys right now is the removal of the ridiculous Body Armor perk, although I think that would really benefit everyone.

    EDIT: I’ll try to write some mini-reviews on the shotguns I did use while experimenting with them. Keep in mind this was pre-March 6th patch, so the buff pump actions received may have increased their effectiveness.

    “You know what I am tired of.. South Americans !!!!!!!”–RocketRob 2014
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    First of all, that’s an awesome pic man, LOL.

    Now, you are so right on the money with this. I have seen that no hitmarker glitch so many times when i have used them that it is ridiculous.
    I changed my playing style a bit when using shotty’s which is mostly when i play recon. I switched to medium range scope and the full choke and aim only for headshots, works wonders. the full choke doesn’t work with slugs so when playing Operation metro or Locker i use slugs and a holo sight, also works fine, just try and get that neck/head shot, trust me they will go down.
    The only shotty’s capable of killing with hipfire at 8-10m is the hawk and the UTS-15 as they have the highest damage output.
    I do agree the feel they had in BF3 was much better, i do like that they have put the USAS as a pick up gun, that was a horrible thing to go up against and some teams all used them 🙁
    Anyways look forward to your mini reviews


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    Here are some approximate yet useful statistics on the degree of spread between different shotguns. The guy who ran these tests didn’t specify the range at which they were performed, but they can still be used to compare the general accuracy of the ones he managed to test.

    Pump shotties, BUCK ammo:
    SPAS Buck: 3,8°
    870 Buck: 5,2°
    HAWK Buck: 5,8°
    UTS Buck: 4,25°

    Pump shotties, DART ammo:
    SPAS Dart: 4,5°
    870 Dart: 4,5°
    HAWK Dart: 4,4°
    UTS Dart: 4°

    Semi shotties, BUCK ammo:
    M1014 Buck: 7,5°
    DBV Buck: 6,8°
    Saiga Buck: 6,3°
    QBS Buck: 8,5°
    DAO Buck: 3,9°

    Semi shotties, DART ammo:
    M1014 Dart: 6,3°
    DBV Dart: 6,8°
    Saiga Dart: 6,3°
    QBS: [maybe coming soon]
    DAO: 3°

    M26 MASS (Buck): 3,8°
    M26 Dart: 3,7°
    Shorty (no choke): 4,2°

    Source: http://forum.symthic.com/battlefield-4-technical-discussion/bf4-weapon-discussion/5797-shotguns-discussion/index36.html
    (pg 36, post #358)

    “You know what I am tired of.. South Americans !!!!!!!”–RocketRob 2014
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    Extreme, fabulous post… I was never really a huge fan of shot-guns either in BF3, I mean I could use them and be effective but I preferred guns with more rounds. In BF4 even though shot-guns are far from my best weapon.. I am running accuracy % above 50 on all of the ones I tried. I use Buck because although Fleshette kills better it doesn’t have the same stopping power if you ask me.. Now that could be netcode as you have said Extreme but it just seems to me more than a few players need more than one shot to get a kill even at close range with a head shot.

    I like CQB style play and when I shoot a guy from 1 meter away with his entire head in my round reticule, he should be dead with 1 shot. I have required more than 1 shot in this situation with Slug, Buck & Fleshette. With almost every shot except the Spaz.. I will say this, Shot-gun can make even a mediocre player bad-ass.. As long as you know not to run in the open with the shotty out, a tip I learned was to go to a handgun with a sight for medium engagements.

    I think all your points are valid Extreme, if they can get the nedcode issues to what we saw in BF3 I would be satisfied.. LC made a good point of that in one of his recent vids.

    Keep up the reviews Extreme, I am enjoying reading your perspective on these games.

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