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    hi my name is Thomas aka trainwreckreborn and i am just starting  to get back in to war games i stopped playing them because of the lack of coordination in squads but thankfully TLN has shown me that there is still a good group of people out there that still want to play the game the way it was meant to be played

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    Welcome to Talon…. Are you in BF3, MAG or Starhawk ???

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    Hi my Name is the420 or some call me,the German iam 30 years young.I Wwork as a Bikemechanic and ill Play Onlin poker.Iam not good in tell things about my self,I like a walk under the Moonshine ,i like Arizona iceTea,and i like Alex.I dont like idiots. I start Gaming with 5 years since that Day never stopt,Sometimes iam to Emotional sorry.Ok thats it to make a long story short iam the 420

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    Hey just joined a couple of days back after stepping into the TLN BF3 server, which was surprisingly fun and coordinated. Messaged SSAGENT022, and he invited me in, and here I am. I play BF3 and Starhawk, and also am in the Dust 514 Beta, so it’s nice to know there’s lots to do with the people here. A question I do have, is how to get started…do I sign in with a game leader or something?

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    Legendary-Ecko, to get started, I think you need to contact our MDO (Member Development Officer) of BF3, TECH-SARGE.

    But here’s what I would do (If Tech tells you otherwise, do his way): Add some TLN members you see here or on one of our BF3 Servers, then start grouping up with us. Keep checking back on this website to see any new announcements, or events like clan battles. If you have a headset, great. Use that (My one broke). In game, communicate with people, join in with their conversations, but don’t be a mic-hog and spam the comms. Welcome to TLN 🙂

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    Frank- great job. But really on Battlelog just put on the TLN tags. Then you should join Talon bravo platoon. To play with our guys favorite our servers both can be found by typing TLN in the search bar in game. And yes by all means add a few guys off this thread to group with.

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    Also Legendary… As you know now.. We are in Starhawk too… Send a PSN message to our leader in Starhawk Ratchet2448, let him know you’re registered to the website and that you need your clan tags.. He will take it from there…

    The other suggestions made by Frank and Goddess are also correct for BF-3…. Welcome to TLN.

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)

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