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    Hey guys!

    New recruit here, pretty much a dedicated infiltrator as far as infantry goes, but I’ve been dabbling with vehicles a bit. I’ve been thinking about running a harasser. If anyone is interested in gunning while a learn to drive is welcome. I also have a cloaked out flash with a kobalt for hit and run/transports.

    Hit me up if anyone needs any of this stuff.

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    hi xx007iam,

    Welcome to TLN. I hope you find great folks to game with and grow with. I dont really play ps2 but feel free to check my friends list for tln members psn name clamslamnurmom09

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    Hey welcome to the clan – we also play other games, if you want to dabble in other bits with TLN.

    We don’t have too many infiltrators, so you’ll be super useful to the team.

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    Welcome to TLN! I think you will really enjoy gaming with us. By the way feel free to add me, info is below.

    PS2: IAmEmpireHD

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    Yea, 007 we can use someone to hack temrinals when we arrive at a base and to give us real time intel.. Try running a agressive kit so you can help in the CQB stuff.. Sniper rifles are no good on the attack, but on the defense.. Yea, we could use that role.

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    welcome to the team my man youre definitely going to enjoy your time here

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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