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    What’s up TLN ?? I’ve come up with some ideas to spice up our nightly squad in Planetside 2. Many of you have seen Graves, Rybread and myself streaming some of our matches recently. You’ve probably also noticed that we try and name these Live streams dependent on the day of the week. i.e. Monday Madness, Thursday Thrash, Sunday Slaughter and the like..

    Well, I thought why not expand on this just a little more.. Perhaps we can establish some days of the weeks to run as a squad in a specific way.. What I mean is perhaps we could do MAX Monday, Armor Tuesday, infantry Wednesday, Air Core Thursday. What do you think about this??

    Going further, we could also have Rank UP Saturday, in this type of group we would allow our membership to try a new class loadout.. With support and guidance of the other members.. Everyone knows I am a medic 1st and some may know I am looking to change up my main loadout class to something else but I haven’t decided.. This type of squad up would allow our membership to try out new classes with the support of the entire squad..

    The idea here is to make PS2 fresh again even for long time players.. And at the same time allowing everyone a chance during the week to either try something new or to have a chance to do what they really like about the game. I know some members are awesome pilots and gunners and some are armor guys and others are infantry. Setting up a Squad Up schedule like I am proposing will allow every member to show their strengths and work to improve or try something totally different..

    So what so you TLN ?? Do you think we can make this work? What would be your suggestions on this idea??

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    Think it’s a great idea. I’ve been having a hard time squading up with any TLN since I’ve been back from camping. Gonna be murdering all weekend. Can’t wait for some good squads.

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    i think for a lot of people this would be fun indeed. I think a lot of people always want to explore 2 or 3 other classes.
    I think the 4 things you suggested are good, maybe also some infiltrator Friday, Sidearm Saturday, Heavy Sunday.
    Sounds like MAG all over again 😀

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    I think it will be great for a lot of members, especially new ones that are both new to the game and to TLN

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