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    the last of us is a masterpiece having great graphics, great immersion, and a compelling story that put even me in tears within the first twenty minutes. first off is the single player while it nearly took me about twenty hours to finish it on my first playthrough it is not a short game you can finish in a day, the story takes place twenty years after a fungus ravages humanity and you play as joel a survivor of the plague trying to hold on to his life and find a purpose. you then meet a girl named young girl named ellie whos rash behavior is a constant theme throughout the game. whilst playing as joel you know what the world was like before the plague all ellie knows is to survive you have to kill. along with a magnificent story there are graphics that are up to par with any naughty dog game myself personally felt that these graphics just made some of the cutscenes feel like i was watching tv there that good. along with all of this gameplay is great while the hand to hand combat is brutal and  somewhat elegant there is also a in depth crafting system where you make molotov cocktails or shivs out of supplies you find scattered across an abandoned America. but you have to be carefull whilst crafting because its all done in real time if you really need supplies youll have to secure the area first and areas are rarely secure in this game. while having an excellent single player the last of us also has a great multiplayer in which you choose a faction either the ruthless hunters or the fireflies… multiplayers games are fought 4 v 4 and this isnt your cod game type you have to stick with your team mates and make sure they stay alive or you wont… out of it all with great graphics, story, and gameplay id consider this a potential game of the year and a ten out of ten oh and rocket if you buy it be sure to have some tissues with you for the first twenty minutes.

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