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    So Siege has been gaining more popularity among those in my friends list, and I’ve definitely been putting some serious time into it as of recently. I’ll probably be taking a break over the next couple of days to avoid burning out, but it’s been very fun, especially when grouped with a full squad. That being said, I just decided to compile everything I’ve picked up along to way into a little tips list. Take all of these with a grain of salt, as everyone has different play styles, and I mostly use shields when attacking, but nevertheless here it is.


    • Gunfights in Siege are influenced by positioning and cover much more than most shooters; you don’t have to be an amazing shot with twitch reflexes to get an ace (though it does help.)

    • Just as in any other shooter, know the limitations of your weapon. While shotguns are very powerful at close range, they won’t travel through medium cover like dry wall and barriers near as well as a high-velocity rifle. I’m regularly outgunned when using a shield, due to being limited to pistols, but I let firefights play out and pick my shots carefully. This leads into my next point.

    • Just because you see an enemy, doesn’t mean you have to shoot them immediately! Hitting a weak shot on a limb as you barely see someone heading into a doorway may not always be the best choice, especially if he was currently distracted by an ally. Waiting a couple of seconds or changing position to secure a clean kill can prevent you from being downed after giving away your position with wild spraying.

    • Like most shooters, Siege has reload completion times at certain points during the animations. This means that your weapon can be reloaded before the reload animation has been fully completed, which gives you the opportunity to sprint away from that grenade, or begin to throw one of your own. An easy way to tell when a weapon’s reload cut off is reached is to notice the time at which the ammo counter actually changes over to the new number of rounds, at which point you’re free to cancel the reload via sprinting.

    • This may sound silly, but walk like a duck. After gaining some experience in Siege, you’ll find that you might spend more time crouching than standing. It makes you’re footsteps all but silent (unless you have a shield, which will always produce some sound.) Walking normally makes noticeable sound, and sprinting should be used wisely, as it will absolutely alert the enemy to your general location if they’re in the same structure. I believe crouching also increases hip-fire accuracy, but I’m not sure on that one.

    • It doesn’t really need to be said that you should be playing this game with groups and mics. I’ve yet to even enter matchmaking without at least one other squad mate I can count on.

    • Frag grenades can be cooked by holding L1 after the pin is pulled. A well-cooked nade is much more useful for clearing corners, as the standard fuses are fairly long.

    • Listen closely and increase your volume if need be; the sound design of this game is top notch, and most items and actions produce some sort of sound when being used or performed.

    • Try to pay attention to the map and game mode. I know this seems obvious, but as a full squad, we would often still be talking about the last match, only to miss what the next one will be. Certain operators are simply not suited for certain maps and modes. A good example is using Fuze on Hostage Rescue, as his grenade balls have a high chance of killing the hostage along with your enemies.

    • Keep an eye out for any head or foot level holes in soft walls; these have become known as “murder holes”, and can be used by both sides to look and fire into rooms from unexpected angles. A half-dozen hits with the butt of your gun can create one in drywall. Be aware that grenades will very rarely go through these, even if they appear to be large enough.

    • You can occasionally skip the process of bashing a barricaded door three times to open it up by knocking the first hole out at waist level, which will bring up a prompt to “Vault” through the door. Doing so will instantly smash through the barricade and into the other room. This doesn’t seem to be consistent though, so don’t rely on it for a fast exit.

    • Never be afraid to retreat and change positions. You may think that you can take out that guy whose has a bead on you from behind a concrete wall through two rooms, but sometimes you’ve simply been outplayed, and need another angle of attack to have even a remote chance. Remember that your enemies are forming a plan at the same time as you; the longer that you sit that corner, the more likely you’ll be to receive a grenade or nitro cell gift.

    • Information is key in Siege. Knowing someones exact location can totally change the outcome of a fire fight. It’s your job to hide as much information from the enemy team as possible, and cause anything that they do learn to be null and void. Shoot out cameras, destroy drones, move immediately after being spotted. Do the unexpected and reap the rewards.

    • Last but not least, aim for the head. Despite this game being decidedly more arcadey than the olden days of Rainbow 6, a headshot with ANY WEAPON will cause instant and permanent death (meaning that the enemy cannot be revived.) Alongside this, many of the SMGs lose damage very quickly past close range, and can take anywhere between 3 and 10 hits to down someone. Distance, armor levels, damage drop-offs, all of these things can be skipped and disregarded with a simple bullet to the head. Headshots are the main reason that I can regularly win firefights with my pistol alone, as one accurate round can end the target as needed.

    Those are all that I can think of for now, as it’s getting a little late. I’ll probably do another write up for Attacking specifically, then Defending, then possibly one based around Shield Tactics. Let me know what you think!

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    Awesome info there Extreme… At some point, I will install this game and run with you guys a bit.. Soon..

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