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    I do apologize for not being able to make it to the Taloncast since I have been having to keep my house in order since my family are on vacation I chose to stay at home since I have work to do tomorrow Monday for the Memorial Day Parade. I would like to say that I agree with everything that Rocket has brought up. Boomer had the most critical topic that came to my mind and that being core games. Now me personally, I am not a big fan of PS2. I have played it once but I just couldn’t get into it. I understand that it is a popular game but I am more of a battlefield core player than I am to PS2 and that is where I prefer to stand. Now some members I notice tend to have a bit of trouble trying to adapt to gameplay that bf4 throws at us compared to other games and even some players just haven’t played bf4 for so long that they need time to adapt to the newer patches. I will not go into the patch details at all. If anyone is wondering why I haven’t mentioned Hardline. It is because I do agree with Rocket that Hardline is dead and my views on that game is that I don’t look at it as any other battlefield game. I just think of some Cops and Robbers type game from GTA. Now don’t get me wrong, it was a good idea to change battlefield up a bit, but I have and always will prefer a Military shooter.

    Next thing I am following up on is the gaming industry. As mentioned by Rocket, the gaming industry is fucked. Now I agree big time right there. Now I understand we didn’t talk about COD in this episode but if I was there I would point out the fact that game publishers these days like Activision are GREEDY as fuck. Now why do I use Activision as an example? I use them as an example because Activision has been widely known for their greed for money instead of the community itself. With Black Ops 3, Activision is making Treyarch sell supply drops that contain rare weapons. Some for which over power other players without them. Now the COD series has taken a total melt down with Infinite Warfare and with Activision paying Youtubers to defend and promote COD are now being hated on as well. As I said earlier that we didn’t bring up COD but this was my best example as to why the gaming industry is FUCKED these days.

    Third thing I want to follow up on is the best reviewers. Now I agree fully with Rocket about AngryJoe’s review videos. AngryJoe always nails it right on the head about games. He always goes into full detail about any game and never leaves out any holes in a review. AngryJoe is my reliable source for reviews unlike the youtubers who are paid by pulbishers to promote the game instead of do reviews. And that is that.

    Next is match times. Now I agree that not everyone has time for full on matches. Sometimes matches for me on bf4 take about 20-40 minutes average. Not everyone has that much time on their hands sometimes. For bf4 itself, I see bf4 more of a challenge to us than bf3 was. Most games we played on bf3 took us less than 5 minutes to dominate a whole game. Reasons bf4 is more challenging is because it has a larger player capacity in our normal game modes that we played all the time being rush and conquest small. PS3 bf3 and 4 had only a capacity of 24 players. PS4 has 32. And the way I see it, I love the intensity of more players. Especially 64 players even though some players can’t handle it. Now granted sometimes 64 player games make me want smash my window but knowing me, I can handle and put up with alot of bullshit.

    The final topic that was mentioned and want to follow up on is respect. Respect is highly important in this community and it is what gets us go on and on. Respect is what keeps us flowing as a teamwork and communication. Now communication is CRITICAL to me when I play a team coordinated game such as Battlefield. For those who do not know, I am going to school for criminal justice wanting to become a police officer and communication is critical in that field as well. That is why I get a little frustrated when I have a team that doesn’t talk. Back onto respect, yes there have been situations in my personal life where I have had problems with people that have a problem with one other. A good way that I do is confront that person, mention your issue, why is this an issue, get them to come up with a solution to stop giving you a problem and get on with your life VS. going straight to a supervisor.

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    Badger, thanks very much for your feedback it is seriously appreciated.. Now, to others, I don’t ask you to give feedback inasmuch detail as badger here. But this kind of feedback, positive, negative or neutral is crucial for further our community.. Again, Badger- RocketRob99 stands and snaps a salute and with a mighty voice HHHHOOOORRRRAAAAHHHH !!!!!

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    I showed up late but listened for like the last hour. I thought it was amazing. Really impressed with how smooth it was. You guys are no joke. Big ups to everyone involved.

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