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    I’ve been noticing a fair number of TLN members grouping up in this game.. Old time members and officers. As discussed in Taloncast Episode 29. Let’s start this discussion. As I am not currently playing this game, I think it is best to first get some feedback on what you all think of this game and it’s competitive play possibilities.

    Please post your initial impressions of this title, any length or format, videos are okay.. Tell us what you think as a game, competitive title and how TLN should represent?

    I for one am interested in learning more about this title.

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    Well I plan on making an Overwatch thread for strategy and discussion, but would be cautious of forming a tourney team. Currently we average about 6-8 people per night, which is normally the perfect amount for a full team. Sometimes we get more and have to split up, but I’d say that’s pretty rare. That means the tourney team would basically have to be all of the TLN currently active in the game, which I would say is around a dozen members. Alongside this, forming a tourney team would encourage the same 6 members to constantly group up together to stay competitive, which would exclude newer players and those of us that come online at later times. I just don’t think we have enough people in the game to justify it.

    As for the game itself: it’s pretty amazing. Not only is it a refreshing break from standard military shooters, but it displays a level of polish that I haven’t seen from an FPS on launch since I started gaming. All of the Heroes play differently, have unique personalities, are fairly simple to control, and can be countered in most cases. From a Mercy that flies around with her healing beam, to Mcree who spits out western movie references and insane damage with his revolver, each one feels unique and useful. I will say that the basic mindset that I normally carry in shooters tends to get me frustrated in Overwatch; the mindset that skill should always determine the outcome of a battle. This game has been very intricately balanced so that almost every Hero has a hard counter; another Hero that is balanced in a way that heavily handicaps the first one in most encounters, meaning that someone playing that Hero can beat you even if your aim/reflexes are much better. The idea is that you can’t just murder a properly constructed team in most cases, and are forced rely on your own allies to help against the Heroes that give you trouble. The game is very team oriented, which makes it a great fit for the TLN that do play it.

    I actually have a very good testament to how much teamwork is required. Most of you guys have encountered the only other person I tend to group with besides TLN: BlackSun and his assortment of friends. I’m talking 2-3 guys who I could join up with and decimate entire servers in BF4. +3 K/Ds and +1000 SPMs etc. Well in Overwatch I don’t see myself even bothering to group with them any more, even when no TLN are on. Despite the fact that we know each others play styles very well, the inability for them to properly communicate and coordinate means we lose basically every match. Where we could simply rely on each other’s skill in BF3/4, Overwatch requires a level of teamwork that we simply never developed, whereas when I play with TLN we consistently have great games.

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    To follow up on the teamwork vs the skill. I had a match very recently that me and a bunch of newer randoms very very little skill with exception of two of us were in several matches in a row. well since we had all team members following command and being led with damn near perfect comps we were moving the payload and taking over in 1-2 minute matches when we had to defend we just took up a highly defendable area and continued with each person’s strength. while the other team had no communication no one ever wanted to play the healer they just wanted what they want (felt they played the best highest skill with etc) and failed miserably (usually what i get stuck with). however i didn’t know we had a form of a group up so ill have to check that out one night. @extremmilsimop

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    After playing Overwatch for quite a while now, tho nobody may see me on or not, to form a tourney team you would have to have designated roles in the game, meaning people would lose interest quick… I mean, say we have the damage dealers, those who peal, those who tank, those who snipe and those who heal… Having people play a role for the sole purpose of winning doesn’t make a game fun for the person playing it as they are literally forced onto what the team needs rather than what they they find fun or what they think is better.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a freelancer, I’ve jumped from teams to teams in several games out of which they are all the same, all game have this simple structure of you do what it takes to win, fun or not for you, you play what and however the team needs you to play because yeah.. That’s how it works… At the end of the goal is to win. You can win and have fun but it makes it hard and gets boring really quick, you can almost definitely win but not have fun as it feels forced so people lose interest OR you can lose and probably have the most fun because you create fun.

    Now apart from all of the above, there is the other situation of IF I wanted to be part of the team so to say, I wouldn’t be able to as I am on the other side of the world and that counts for anyone who is across from another, and as we all clearly know this community is American Based as we have 3? Maybe 4? European players. Timing would be an issue as for example when I play Overwatch its at the time where almost nobody is on or willing to play.

    There is ALOT more to take in consideration that its just too much hassle in my opinion to a point where I am saying, let people have fun and play Ranked together (As it just came out on PC, not sure about PS4) if they want too, let them be competitive solo or as a team if they want, as for a real tourney team with scrims and stuff, I wouldn’t say it would be a good idea.

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    Looks like I’m gonna have to buy this and join in on the fun.

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