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Getting through the basics


In Destiny, there are two numbers that determine your level – There is your character level, which will max at level 40, and your light level, which will max at 310. In order to get to higher-end content in Destiny, you’ll need to max your character.

Character Level

Character level will increase as you receive experience. This can be earned by doing just about anything in the game, from completing missions to shooting enemies to earning bounties and more. Everything you do will earn you experience, and eventually it will rise to level 40 as long as you keep playing.

It should be noted that, if you are trying to level up as quickly as possible, completing bounties alongside your missions is a way to quickly reach your goal. As well, more difficult missions will always reward more XP than easier ones, so taking on level 25 missions when you’re just at 22 yourself may prove taxing, but it’s certainly more useful, and you’ll see much quicker gains in levels.


Character level will increase as you receive experience. This can be earned by doing just anything. But even after you reach max level, experience is still important to you. Each subclass that you utilize, and each bit of rare or better gear that you carry will utilize experience to max itself out, thereby making it better than it was before.

If you find gear that you like, be sure to keep it equipped in order to get experience gains with it. As  you get to a point where you need to use certain gear to complete things, remember a few quick tips:

– End of level gains are applied to the gear that you’re carrying when the “Mission Complete” banner comes up. If you need to use heftier gear to finish off a boss, you are fine swapping that gear at the last second to get the XP bonus on something else, or even another subclass. This also applies when a bounty is turned in, which you can read more about under “Bounties.”

– Higher-light gear will not have “damage” or “defense” increases for the most part. Instead, they will have unique perks to each piece that can improve your gear’s usefulness, including ability gains and special game-changing bonuses. It’s important to get good gear “completed” as soon as possible to make it more useful to you.

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