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“There’s nothing I hate more than an alien with no respect for history.” – The Titan


A Guide

With the introduction of The Taken King, as well as Destiny 2.0 previously, I realized that there have been enough changes over the past year that it’d be good to update our old guide to keep things relevant. For those that play regularly, many of the things that we do, we kind of take for granted as “part of the game.” But those for whom this is a brand new experience, hopefully this can be helpful to you.

First off, welcome to Destiny, and we’re glad to have you. (Some of the guardians may be a little cliquish and not say hello, but you’re always welcome to run with us “good guys.”)

This guide is meant as a “newb-friendly” one, to most quickly get you into the game as much as possible, to help you to maximize your time and efforts.

The Guide:


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