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How to level Stats

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    So either your new to GTA V or you have been playing a while and your stats are still low and your like WHATTTTT?!?!?!? I have been playing a while and have everything 100%. So I will tell you the easiest way I have found to make your person a better player(please add if you know anything quicker).. Yes the stats do matter.

    1) Health: The only way this levels up is by your persons level (kinda like some of the guns) it just unlocks its self as you build your RP and JP. 100% happens around level 107ish…

    2) Stamina and Stealth: I bring these 2 together since you do it the same way.. this is by far the easiest thing.. First find you a rubber band or hair band and a toothpick or paper clip.. Now while in game go to the beach or Sandy Shores (make sure your away from any gang attacks that may show up) This works on all players online and offline. Now take your elastic band and place it around your left stick bring it around the left grip and back around and then place the other end around the stick. This will make your person walk in a circle until you remove the band. Once you have this done press the x button this will make your person sprint in a circle now take your toothpick and slide it in next to your x button, set your controller down and go do chores or play outside with your friends take a bath or watch netflix.. You guy will continue to Sprint and not die because your not at a full blown run.The game doesn’t go idle because it thinks your still playing even if your not there. This does take a bit of time (1-2 hours irl time) check it after an hour by holding down the bottom D pad. Once your Stamina is 100% tap down on the left stick to go into stealth mode take the tooth pick out of the X button and go back to your IRL fun stuff for a few more hours… when you come back your stealth will have 100%’d and you wasn’t even there.. LMAO

    3) Shooting: This will keep increasing as you shoot people (aim for the head) if you don’t fancy doing that? Go to the shooting range and play with a friend (I like the minigun for this) set your shooting range to the max before indefinite and play “you win one I win one” so both your stats go up. Or you can play the survivals over and over again…

    4) Strength: This one is difficult for most. Pre patch you could have a friend sit in their car as you pounded the crap out of their car but this doesn’t work anymore. What I have done is have someone that has unlocked “Trash Talk” mission Que it up and after you take out the trash trucks running through the city go to a populated area and beat the crap out of everyone you see. The best place I have found is the place where to “legalize weed” guy is on the offline mode (you know where Micheal kills Aliens and Trevor Kills Clowns) in this mission you don’t get a wanted level no matter what you do.. Plus if you kill about 20 IRL minutes you get 30K for the mission and as your beating them up they drop snacks and cash.. I try for about 3k from beatings before i trigger the next part of the mission.

    5) Flying: Go to the airport and get yourself a mallard.. just keep taking off and landing you don’t have to get to far off the ground to do this just get your wheels off the ground then touch down over and over again. Or you can go to the flight school over and over again.

    6) Driving: Fist racing ALONE does nothing. You can race 1 V 1 and do you win one i win one on criminal records but this will only unlock car parts. To build your driving now post patch you have to land stunt jumps or hold wheelies for a really long time. The sanchez is great for wheelies, take it to the airport and just keep wheeling it on the tarmac.. Their is Also 3 stunt jumps at the airport keep hitting them and landing on 2 wheels.

    7) Lung Capacity: This one took me FOREVER! the only way to do this is go to the ocean or lake and keep diving staying just under the surface until your lung bar is almost red then pop up then dive again. NO the rebreather will not work for this like the offline mode does.

    Go forth and Have fun
    Goddess 😀

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    Excellent post Goddess, useful info for us GTA noobs..

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