What does it take to be a TLN Officer?

Types of Officer

There are 2 types of officers in talon strike force, Core Officers (COs) and Non-Core Officers (NCOs)

The COs are the clan officers that decide on all clan related issues and help run the clan

The NCOs are game specific officers that are appointed from the game to help run the ingame activities

What is the role of a NCO?

Lead in game and if necessary keep the servers balanced (BF3 and only if you are an administrator of the server)
Being active on the website, posting, vids, pics, comments and info on other posts. Not only in their game groups or NCO lounge, but also in the other groups and forums.
Be available for question, quidance and any other problems (if you don’t know the answer or think this might be a clan related issue defer to COs)
You are the main contacts for members that we have in all specific games.
Recruiting in game, all recruits referred to Member development officers
Arranging clan battles, refer all clan battle proposals to the Clan Warlord
Enforce the principles and rules, but first and foremost is to set good example to the other members at all times.

What is the role of a CO?

Overall leadership of the clan, also applies ingame
Clan related discussion and decisions
Inter-clan relations and diplomacy (Alliances and friendly clans)
Website activity needs to be daily, scanning posts, making posts replying to member comments on all parts of the website etc etc
Specific roles (member development officer, training officer, etc etc)
Training people in all aspects of specific games
Recruiting people on forums and in game
Arranging and Planning clan battles (Clan Warlord)
Be available for questions, quidance and any other problems that members might have with games, website, other members etc etc
Enforce the rules, but first and foremost is to give the lead by example

How to become an officer

Be active in the clan and on the website, post post and post again.
Show leadership in game
Show loyalty beyond that of a member
Show excellent skill (doesn’t have to be in game)
Show that you help others develop their skills
Recruit new members
Help enforce the rules by showing the example
Come up with ideas, make suggestions and help implement or manage them

Core-Officers are nominated and selected by the existing core officers by vote.

The Non-Core Officers are nominated by the Core-Officers and are selected by the members

What we expect from members

Simple to have fun, follow the instructions of your clan officers in game and otherwise. To be an active and loyal member. Participate in discussions on the website groups and forums. Be involved with clan events and activites as much as possible. Most of all, make suggestions on what we can do as a group to further our clan.

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  1. Just noticed this posting and although I didn’t write it.. It does outline what it takes to go from member to leader within this community.

    I have said this before and I know some of you may not have heard it before. I am only the leader, I am one part of a group of people that make Talon Strike Force great. All clan decisions are done by committee and done with the fairness and overall good of the group. We strive to open our community to new members, who will be able to experience the same level of fun, friendships that develop in this type of community. I would stress that this clan belongs to no one, it is and always will be a community run but it’s own members.

    We have created a place where any member can have a voice and a direct venue to show their talents, whatever they maybe. Any member of TLN can submit ideas on activities, games, even the direction of the clan as a whole in any game or even the community itself. No idea or suggestion is ever frowned upon in this group. Ideas and suggestions are discussed with respect and understanding and allow the group level of expertise to be shown.

    Our group consists of members of enormous diversity, we have professionals, students, doctors, nurses, firemen, lawyers, truck drivers and soldiers in our community and there all here for one thing. TO have another like minded person to game with.. That is it, that is the whole reason for TLN. To have another person who will treat you as a friend from day one, as a companion who share some of the most important time of your day. Your free time which in recent days doesn’t seem so free. To know when you come online, there could and will most times be another smiling face looking forward to playing and experiencing a game as it should be played. Free of all the other bullshit that comes with online play.

    That is what TLN provides and that is why the guidelines outlined above show how and why TLN is successful..

    Thanks for your attention,
    Clan Leader
    (TLN)Talon Strike Force

  2. Exactly what Rocket said, the officers in the clan are not the guys who make the decisions, we just make sure all the suggestions are implemented in a way suitable to our membership, we’re always working to make sure you, the members, are happy, if you’re not let us know, this doesn’t work if you’re not happy with it, if you have problems with something please let us know.

    if you’d like to see a different rotation in BF3 and theres an officer on (we’re all admins and we all know how to do it) ask and we’ll try it out, Mark helped with one of our more successful rotations of recent months, between him, myself and One_Ied, we created a rotation that had everything a member would need in a rotation.

    if you’d like to add a game to our catalog, bring it forth, some games make it, some games do not, for example, MOH Warfighter, that game was one of my champions, i brought it to the officers with enough research behind me that made it look like i’d developed the game, from various sources, some from the Dev team, some from the beta i was lucky enough to be a part of, unfortunately it didn’t stand up well with the game scoring a disappointing miss with its longevity, however it doesn’t stop members bringing games that they think may work as a branch. Call of Duty was brought to us by a member, and thats now become a strong branch game.

    Nothing is a stupid idea if you think it would work bring it to us, PM an NCO or a CO and we’ll help you work your points to bring it to the other CO’s some ideas simply don’t work, however some do. but we’ll help you out and try to help you make your case stronger. i’ve helped members (who are no NCO’s) formulate their points and refine their ideas. we love it when you come up with ideas. and thats another way of becoming an officer, come up with ideas to help the clan, and to help you’re brothers/sisters in battle or a way to make the site better. we love it, it brings the community together, i remember a topic on the boards around mid last year about knifing and teabagging within TLN, that topic was a very good read to listen to every members points on the matter, and thats where the no knifing/teabagging TLN rule came about, it came with help from the members, it wasn’t an officer decision.

    i’ve made this point before, without the members the officers can do nothing, there are a lot more of you than there are of us, if you see something you’re not happy with let us know, if you see something in our servers that you’re not happy with, tell us and we’ll keep an eye out.

    also help the officers, you may not be an officer but that doesn’t mean you can’t help, i hate calling people out, but i’ve noticed Benajmin_Thomas is helping Tech organise clan battles, whether he’s been asked or he’s doing it on his own i don’t know but thats what i’m talking about, help us out with things you’re noticing we’re struggling with, if you think you can help, you can, speak to the person in charge of it, and they will accept the help with open arms. if theres a game you know you can get a battle in go ahead, i’ve set up a friendly scrim in COD, i’m not an officer of that game, but i know it will find our weaknesses and make us an even more formidable force in that game, mainly because i’ve played with these guys before and they know how to exploit anything, which is very good for us.

    final point on the battle thing, please research before you bring a clan to the table, if you look at their stats and they’re a whole lot higher than ours, then don’t go for it, we like competitive scrims, we don’t want to be target practice, thats not fun for anyone.

    BF3 Senior NCO
    (TLN)Talon Strike Force

  3. Oh i just saw this, this helps alot, do you mind if i exploit it?
    BF3 Normal member
    (TLN)Talon Strike Force

  4. I play battlefield 3 too for PS3 I used to be a clan leader for 50+ Used to be ACE squad then United Special Tactic Forces *USTF* then I lost internet connection and MIA for few months for football camp. My clan was disavowed from then so I joined TLN

  5. I know everyone has to start from the bottom but I can really help exponentially. I need a position of some sort to know my objective for the clan 🙂

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