The Rules of (TLN) Talon Strike Force are simple and easy to follow.

We have no restrictions on region, age, sex, religion or previous FPS experience .We want a fun free flowing game played with precision and cooperation. The rules are designed to reinforce an environment of enjoyment in our game time together

CENTRAL CHARTER- Tactics, Teamwork and Fun !!

1) Talon Strike Force members are required to fly the TLN tag in any game where we are present. Members, who fail to establish their TLN tag within 30 days of enlisting, will be removed. Show your pride in your clan fly our tag in every game you play.

2) HOLD FAST: A Talon Strike Force Operative does NOT back out of a game simply because we are not winning or going to win, or there is a bad score. We fight till the bitter end. We will all have disconnects, important calls, family stuff/emergencies, and there may even be toxic situations that require us to back out. These are the obvious exceptions. But as a rule –Talon Strike Force fights on!

3) NEW MEMBERS:  Any existing or new member will be allowed to invite friends to join the clan. They can apply to the clan on our website, game specific facebook page or via PSN message to our Member Development Officers –Tech-Sarge Goddessofwar9 and Dexter1029 Once they have sent us a request the potential member will then be required to be cleared by a Member Development Officer

4) OFFICERS: Officers will be promoted as the clan grows; more games, more members require more assistance. Officers will bear the special responsibility of approving and integrating /training new recruits as well as inter-clan relations and other leadership roles. Make no mistake being a clan or game officer does require work and constant participation in the growth of the clan. An officer may give up his/her role with no problems. As long as a officer gives proper notice they may return to officer status following a vote among the clan Core officers or CO. In certain games the Non-Core Officer or NCO will also have a vote on a officer returning to the clan and his/her status.

5) LEAVING: If you want to leave the clan, no hard feelings! We are a voluntary club, if you’re not having fun with us or can enjoy another group more, feel free to go with no hardship. Please send us a message on PSN on the website or via PM on Facebook,  if there is a reason why that you think the Leader or Officers should be aware of.



These rules are designed to ensure a fun, fair game for all our members.

1) No member should jam the communications channels in game with nonsense. We are a fun group, and there are plenty of times for levity and laughs, but let’s keep those com channels clear!

2) NO TEAMKILLS: There is to be NO intentional team kills. Team killing leads to enemy victories, and that is not what a member of our Outfit or (NC) New Conglomerate wants. There are many situations when a fellow squad mate’s behavior may be utterly unacceptable, but ’teamkilling’ or ’TK’s’ are NOT an option for a (TLN) Talon Strike Force Operative. You may vote off or even block other players who you find offensive or to be a bad influence on the gameplay. But, under no circumstances should an Operative be involved in ’TK’s’. Our outfit will work together to vote such people off the field and even backing out to another base is preferable (see rule 3). If you see ’TK’s’ by ANYONE, even another clan member, report it to an officer. Such treason will be rewarded with expulsion!

3) Members will NOT take a leadership or field command role if you do not have a microphone and/or an understanding of the command abilities and their assets. The officers of this clan will gladly coach you in these roles BETWEEN the games, IN GAME, or at a private chat or meeting.

4) We will not use our numbers to kick people from our squads simply because they are not in our clan, or to make room for a clan-mate or friend. We will only use ‘kick’ for the good of the game.

5) Members shall always endeavor to follow the orders of a field commander even if that commander is not a member of our [TLN] clan or of a lower level. In game all members should follow the orders of clan officers that is both CO and NCO officers. No exceptions! The officers of this clan will never order a member to do anything in game that would break the clan’s core charter noted above.

6) GROUPING: Once you get online, group up with your clan mates often. We can understand if you don’t feel like playing all the time with others, please let us know. Try to group up frequently with your clan-mates, if you never group up with the clan you will be asked by an officer as to why. If your reason is not in line with the core principles of the clan, your membership will be brought before the clan CO and NCO and your members may be terminated. Proper notice will always be given and a member will always have a chance to explain their reasons. NO one is kicked from our clan without reason. EVER !!

FINAL NOTE:  (TLN) Talon Strike Force is constantly growing and expanding to new games. As such, clan rules can and will be amended to suit each game we are represented in. When new games are added to our roster there will be new pages added to our website and Facebook. There will be game specific rules for each game. These rules will be posted on the specific game section of our website as needed.