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Taloncast Episode 13

February 3, 2013 in Featured, Games, Taloncast

Discussions about the PS4, clan song, tournament team, Dust 514, Black Ops, Crysis 3 and more. Also available on iTunes. Corrections: Clan song vote runs to 2-17-13 My email to send BO-2 pics too, is [email protected] Crysis 3 Beta runs till 2-19-13 Boomer_26 video on how to use the communications in Dust has been posted […]

Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta PC Review

February 2, 2013 in PC, Reviews, Tech and Game News

As you probably know, the Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta has been out for a few days now so I’ve been testing it out on PC. Some parts of this review will only apply to the PC version, but the gameplay should be the same on PC and console. Performance and Graphics Being part of the […]

Rumor Round up (a little different)

January 30, 2013 in Reviews, Tech and Game News

Now normally in these rumor round ups i go over the latest news and possibilities with games and DLC, however these next three months hold some of the more anticipated titles of this year (yes I know GTA5, BF4 and COD are later in the year but that’s for another time) So without further ado, […]